BWB: You are more beautiful than you think.

BWB: You are more beautiful than you think.

Hey hey hey!

Our exams were postponed by one week o, but we give God glory still.

This month on Blossom with Bolaji, we’d be having some Girl-Talk, focusing on some issues I and others face as women. Maybe we’d have a male write to us sometime.

Today, I’d like to deal with comparison.

I remember Saturday evening, as I cleaned Church with other Sanitation members; I started comparing myself to a friend there.

“See, I’m trying to lose all excess weight and she looks like this. How unfair! She probably doesn’t even workout once a month and still has flat stomach. Maybe if I take my workout more seriously, my arms can reduce like hers.”

Please, was it the lady that sent me message?

I later caught myself and sent jealously out of my head.
Will I go round wishing to look like everyone?




Plus, I can’t tell if they really put in work into looking the way they look. So, why be such a hater!

Let’s face it, we all have different physique.
Embrace yours and love yourself.

Work on getting fit if you need to, but stop comparing!

I have a friend who’s super slim and tall. I’m slim and tall too (hahaha.)

Please, it depends on what slim and tall means to you, so move on. πŸ˜’πŸ˜›

I know that if I workout from now till I’m worn out, I’d not look like her; and sincerely, I don’t want to!

So, what’s the point of losing sleep over it?

Funny thing is, someone still called me in the Library yesterday to ask if I was using drugs to get fit. She knew me in level 100 and didn’t know why I looked so different.

The same me that was jealous about someone else’s arms and stomach was being asked how I lost weight.

Sometimes, the male humans look at us and wonder if we’re even from this planet, but they fail to realize that a lot of us fight comparison demons.

The enemy almost made me kill myself over this.

Sweetheart, you’re oh so beautiful!
And you don’t have to look like sososo to realize it.

You don’t have to dress, speak, or makeup like someone in order to gain acceptance. And if you don’t learn to deal with this, it can lead to other deep rooted issues.

You’d resent yourself and others will take that negative energy from you. People tend to treat us how we treat our own selves. At least, most people.

If you fail to love yourself and accept God’s perfect love for you, jealousy will take root.
There will always be someone you’d be envious of because you’ve not loved yourself.

I watched this video sometime back and was super enlightened.
It made me sit and ask, ‘Bolaji, how would you describe yourself if you were asked how you look?’

I’d probably exaggerate the bad and leave out the good.

Watch the video to better understand.



You’re more beautiful than you think.

So, begin to act like it!

Plus, if you take out time to work on the areas you don’t really like, you’d become more confident.
I started getting compliments about dressing better when I lost weight; and I still haven’t hit my goal.


If you want smaller arms so much, then work for it; not hate for it. Lol. (This is for me.)

Again, I’m telling you that you’re more beautiful than you think!


Happy new month!

Be mindful of your crown of favour this month and LET GOD LEAD!
Note to self- Don’t sleep the month of May away.

Have a beautiful week and month ahead.

Love always,


  • UniqueOJ

    Hello B, tanx soooo much 4 this post. More of God’s grace nd strength to U in Jesus name, U inspire me a lot with ur posts, im greatul, nd by d way i tried commenting on the word on monday 2no avail. God bless u dear nd success in ur forthcoming examz

    • And thanks so much for your comment!

      Hmm, please, try commenting with another browser and let’s see what it says.

      Thanks for always reading. You’re a great inspiration.
      Stay awesome.

  • This issue is a serious one…
    I’m now even of the opinion that weightloss shouldn’t even start from the physical one, it should start from shedding the less than healthy mind issues, the deep sated issues of us not being beautiful as we are.
    I have/had those issues, they still pop up time and time again and loosing the physical flesh might serve as a cover up for them but it doesn’t remove them…what removes them is us knowing our identity as we should be in Christ. that’s what removes the hidden issues with believing that we are beautiful.

    Caught myself again last night going down a stupid road on dressing and putting myself down and then saying in my mind that maybe that’s the reason this and this won’t approach me… oh no.
    I rebuked the thought from the root down! Filled it with the word!
    No workout can do what filling up with the Word can do.

    Great article B!
    Excited for the rest of the month on BWB!

    • I love how you said no workout can do what filling ourselves with the Word can do.

      No amount of fitness will take comparison away, if we don’t have God’s Word as back up.

      Better to love ourselves because our saviour already loves us beyond words!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts dear.

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