BWB – Why you need to stop dreaming!

BWB – Why you need to stop dreaming!

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If you read our post here, you’d remember that this month BWB (Blossom with Bolaji) is focusing on dreams, goals and aspirations.

Today, I want to challenge you to stop dreaming and start doing!

It might sound cliche or even stupid, but it’s the plain truth!

After Feed the Homeless, I changed pictures like crazy and I’m still changing. Lol.
A friend I haven’t spoken to in a while, (who I was actually considering deleting from my black berry messenger) pinged me and started talking about how good I was doing with GEMGirl org. (I am only the cofounder o).

She went on to tell me how I was living her dream (biko, which dream) and how her heart cries out to children on the streets. She knows that she’s supposed to help them, but she said “life always has another plan.”

Which life?
Is life pushing you or are you pushing life?

Here’s her problem- She’s still dreaming!

See, I’m not saying you shouldn’t dream. By all means, make sure you dream! Dream big massive unbelievable things- but start!

Start something that you know will lead to that dream. You might roll your eyes and say ‘oh, so Bolaji now thinks she can give advice because she has done Feed the homeless.’

I am speaking to myself as much as I’m talking to you o. Honestly!

If truly your dream is God-given, He would always lay little things in your heart to do that correlate with that dream.

It’s your choice to do it or dream it.

My partner told me that before I resumed school, she sat on her bed and contemplated telling me that we couldn’t do Feed the Homeless anymore.

She was looking at the economy and how things looked – not how they could be! Very big difference here.

I didn’t even want to hear it! Luckily, she had already told a mutual friend of ours and had been encouraged in her spirit that it was possible! Thank God!

We could have paused- kept dreaming about how big this program could be, but not do anything about it.


See, when you stop dreaming and start doing- you WILL look stupid!

Not that you might o, you WILL! Because people will not understand why you’re doing what you’re doing!

People mocked us and asked why we were feeding people when our organization was focused on girls, they talked from today till tomorrow; but only we knew what God had told us.


That’s another thing- what has God told you?

When you weigh it against what people are you saying, will you still stand?

Now, someone messaged me 2 days ago and said- “How do you guys finance these things!”

Only if he knew!


When you start doing, there will be MANY tears and tiredness.

Do you know how many times I had to go to Chorkor before that program?

People see things going well, but don’t know what you’ve done before that day!


Only if he knew that as at Thursday, we didn’t have half of our budget.
Only if he knew that as at Saturday(D-day), we didn’t have money for drinks!
Only if he knew that not everything went as planned.

Doing is not easy o. That’s why most people keep dreaming!

So many people start doing, but go back to dreaming when they see how hard it is to do!

That’s when you’d hear statements like- “You can’t understand. The economy is not good at all, but I believe one day my dreams will come to pass.”

Start today. keep dreaming, as long as you support the dreams with action!


Have an amazing time ahead.

I remain the ever sweet, nice and sometimes strict Mobolaji. LOL.


I sound like mama.

Oh, did you notice my earring? Many times I wanted to lose my cool, but I touched my cross-shaped earring instead and declared the word God gave me that morning- Let not your heart be troubled (John 14:1). It means more than a jewelry to me, it is what I represent!

Love always,



  • Well said, sister. We must think big, but start small. Accomplishing anything worthwhile takes hard work and time. Believe in your dream enough to take the first step, sometimes that’s all you need!
    Thumbs up!

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