BWB : What are we even sowing?

BWB : What are we even sowing?

Hey hey hey.


So, this man had just stood to start preaching in our bus, when I brought out my earpiece to watch a video I had just gotten notification for.

As I kept using my phone, God clearly told me that one day when He asks me to preach in a bus too, someone will be pressing phone and it will pain me.

I had read on sowing and reaping that same morning; and He reminded me of it at that time. Bolaji, this is what you’re sowing and it is what you will reap.

See, sometimes we expect God to be Mr. Nice guy, but sometimes He gives it to us without flowers. Simple. It might pain us, but the message will sink into our souls.

That same day, I got a notification to watch a lady on Periscope and guess what her topic was- “Sowing and repaing!”

In my mind I was like- “Oh well, God I get the message already!” But I don’t think I did, because that lady broke down some things for the viewers and I got more revelation.

Funny thing was that I had also read about sowing and reaping in Joel Osteen’s “Your best life now.”

That was 3 times in one day. God, I hear you loud and clear!

Another interesting thing happened.

While walking to class, I saw and noticed this adage hanging on the wall to my class. It says-“The offspring of an elephant will never be a dwarf.”


Note that I pass this same adage almost everyday but don’t even blink twice to notice it. I read it, but I then forget.

However, immediately after I heard this woman’s message at night, somehow I remembered the adage I saw in school.

There was a correlation.

Did the Elephant sow a dwarf?

Plainly put, did the Elephant sleep with a dwarf?
Then why should the Elephant give birth to a dwarf?

Please, think about this.

It goes the same way.

Did the dwarf sow an Elephant?
So why on Earth should the dwarf expect an Elephant as harvest?

You see, many of us (including me) in this case are the dwarf. We sow so little, but expect so much.
Is God a magician?
Will He do “abrakadabra” just to fulfill our every wish?
Nope. He wouldn’t.

And that’s what He was telling me yesterday.
Be careful of the things you sow, because harvest is coming.

I love how Joel Osteen put it in his book. He said if you want kindness, then sow kindness. If you want mercy, then sow mercy. Sow some love if you want love.

Isn’t it funny how we Christians can sometimes be the most negative, rude and unfair people around.
Something can be excused when we’re the ones doing it, but becomes a huge offense when someone else does the same thing!

You’re there splashing water on people during the rainy season because you now have a car; but you get mad when your boss at work splashes insults and negative comments at you at work. (Ok, I don’t know where that came from, but it’s for someone.)

When you think about it well, you’d see how unfair this whole thing can be.
Why do we want the same harvest of someone who we know has sown and paid a higher price than we did.

I know. I know. We’re the favoured of the Lord and God definitely guards us jealously and gives us what we don’t even deserve; but that’s not today’s message.

At least, God wasn’t telling me how He spoils me yesterday. He was telling me to watch my seeds!

Seeds of envy, jealously, gossip, unhappiness, grouchiness, rudeness, stingyness, lies, ungratefulness, ignoring others, etc.
Seeds can be ANYTHING!

You might think pressing phone while someone preaches in a bus means nothing, but God chastised me on that samething.
So, will it be fair if I become mad at ‘another sister’ who decides to press her phone while I’m talking to her about Jesus?

Oh, puliz! Let’s evaluate ourselves o.


You don’t tithe. Tithing is not for you, but you want the promises that God has attached to tithing.
Is it fair?

My people, what are we even sowing?

Let’s think about it o.
Let’s think about it!

Have an amazing time ahead.

Please, let’s know your thoughts in the comment section. We love feedback!

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Stay awesome.

Love always,



  • Hmmn, this is a really broad topic but do you mind if I pitch in a few words and mention somethings?

    SO from my own understanding of God’s word, I’m coming to understand the sowing and reaping thing to be more of spiritual. Especially the part where we were told about us sowing to the flesh would end in death but sowing to the spirit is eternal life. I see it as what we feed on. If we cry day and night that we want to draw closer to God but we do not sow into the things of the spirit, we are only wasting our time because we cannot harvest something we haven’t sown. In our daily walk with God and our ability to hear God clearer as we draw close, I believe it is as a result of what we’ve sown and how much we bothered to sow. Some words that just settle in our spirit is there because the spirit has a well to draw water from. If we sow the wrong things, we will harvest the wrong things.

    As for the tithing part.., hmmn, I wouldn’t want to delve too deep since that’s a topic for another day. But when we say we give God things because we expect something back, it has made people to feel like they’re being owed by God but we are not to see giving that way. I believe God wants us to give not because He has attached somethings to it but because we know even our giving cannot match up to what he has given us. The tithing thing requires spending time in God’s word to understand what God means and if we understand what God wants us to do.

    I remember back then when I always attached my tithing and giving to certain things and it took time for God to change my understanding though I still battle with it sometimes. I remember my phone had gotten stolen and the first thought that came into my mind was,
    “But I paid my tithe…”
    Even people ask, “Do you pay your tithe?”
    And so it’s like telling you that you didn’t settle God and so you got robbed
    But is this biblical?
    Do the scriptures depict the giving and sharing amongst the apostles and the New Testament church this way?
    I doubt that.
    And so I remember God correcting me in my heart when I leaned towards believing that God had granted me somethings because I probably paid tithe or sowed seed or did something.

    And He’s like He did it because He is Kind.
    Remember love is patient, love is kind.
    And so anytime I’m tempted to believe somethings are happening to me or some blessings are locating me because of something I must have done, I remember that it’s God’s kindness, not anything else. He chose to be kind to me. He chose to do it for me. He chose to show his faithfulness.
    Because He is the faithful one who choses to send rain on the evil and the good.

    Yes I’m different because I’m his child and I’ve been brought into His kingdom and yes, he promises somethings but we need to be careful so that we do not replace God’s kindness with something we’ve done from our own end.

    We give because its the nature of God. We give because it’s what people in love with each other do. They are generous as their father is generous. Heck we would lack, even Paul lacked so the talk about ‘givers never lack’ is not even founded in the bible in the first place.
    Ever wondered why the sudden judgement came upon Ananias and Saphira? I was wondering myself till I finally saw it. God made me see it. Truth is they all had one mind. As christians we are all supposed to. When each person gave what they have, they gave not because they were forced or believed there were some ‘blessings’ attached to it. They gave because they were of one heart and soul.

    Let’s look at this verse together.
    Acts 5v3-5
    But Peter said, “Ananias, why has Satan filled your heart to lie to the HolySpirit and keep back part of the price of the land for yourself? While It remained, was it not your own?

  • Let me continue…sorry I wanted to be sure the long comment will post. lol
    And after it was sold, was it not in your control? Why have you conceived this thing in your heart? You have not lied to men but to God.”
    Then Ananias hearing these words, fell down and breathed his last. So great fear fell came upon all those who heard these things.

    Suffice to say, the FEAR and love of God was real those days. lol. People didn’t just say, ‘oya God take the 10% and let me keep the rest. People gave because they had it in their heart to. I mean I don’t think there’s any point giving 10 percent if it’s been seen as a burden. It’s not like God is going to do anything with it. I mean if God could give all of himself on a rugged cross then I doubt he’s looking for ten percent of any cash. He wants us to be of one mind the same way the Father and the Son are of one mind. It’s not like it’s easy o and it takes the grace of God to come into this full realization and put it into practice since we learn everyday from His word and His spirit.

    This was a wonderful post though. I could imagine your tintiny voice as you said, “Lets think about it o, lets think about it.” Hehe.
    Love you dear. xo!

    • Wow! Thanks a lot for this Itunu. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      I agree that our giving must always give from the perspective of love. God will still be God even if we decide not to give. We should give to Him because of sheer love.

      However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s nothing like sowing and reaping in the kingdom! Whether we like it or not, this phenomenon is true, even in the Bible.

      God says you bring and give and see if I will not bless you. Yes, we know that He blesses us beyond what we can ever think or give. We don’t deserve how good He is to us. Still, sowing and reaping is real!

      Solomon gave so much that He caught God’s attention and God told Him to ask for anything! We should let people know that you should be a giver, naturally! Because it is more blessed to give- that in itself is sowing and reaping! You’re more blessed BECAUSE you have given! Whether little or much, give!

      Something tragic happened to a very close friend of mine and God vindicated their family. Lo and behold, someone who didn’t know jack about the situation told the family that God spared them because their mum is a giver! She sends all her helps children to school and all that, and when one of the help wanted to harm them; God remembered her giving and turned it around!

      Giving out of love shouldn’t mean that we should give just anything because we already know that God will bless us. If you can give much, give; if little, give. If your tithe is 1naira, tithe it; because you’re sowing it in one way or the other.
      Sowing doesn’t necessarily mean you’re sowing it because you want something back from God, it can mean that you’re sowing into how good God has been to you and sowing into His love.

      I’ve heard VARIOUS testimonies on people who God asked them to sow a certain thing for a reason. God may have used that to know how willing they are to obey Him. And they indeed got what they believed for.

      I’m currently trusting God to provide something for me and He has asked me to give that same thing to somebody else.
      As silly as it might seem, Papa Adeboye testified of a time he sowed shoes into peoples lives and suddenly he started getting too many shoes- even when he didn’t ask for it!

      Giving should always be about love, but sowing and reaping is also serious business in the kingdom! This is my opinion though.

      Thanks love!

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