BWB: Take responsibility, Pray!

BWB: Take responsibility, Pray!

Hey hey hey!

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Author unknown.


Good day everyone. Hope the week has been pleasant and joyful?

Your joy can only be replaced with fear or sadness, if you allow it. When you allow God work on your heart, you’d realize that you can be joyful in all circumstances. God gives joy even in troubling situations.

Ok, so we’re still on the dreams, goals and aspirations talk on Blossom with Bolaji.

I heard a message by Bishop Oyesepo on the radio yesterday and knew I had to share this!

You know we’ve talked about direction and direction twice this year already. We as believers don’t want to be tossed and turned anyhow by the devil and the world’s principles.

We want clear instructions from God on what we ought to be doing.

Isaiah 30: 21 (NIV)
Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it


Bishop Oyedepo shared how we must be serious with our prayer and fasting life. I know you weren’t expecting me to go that dimension, but who says prayers are jokes in accomplishing everything God has sent you to do?

He went ahead to say the devil had already told him a lot of things that he wouldn’t let him do or be in the future.

Psalm 62:11 (ESV)
Once God has spoken; twice have I heard this: that power belongs to God.


When you know the authority you have in Christ, the devil can’t scare you for too long. Anyway, one of those promises is that Bishop Oyedepo and his wife will never have Children.

I guess the devil was scared of the man’s seeds. Lol.

Anyway, he didn’t mind the devil and sowed seeds of prayer- way before time!


There was a time I used to feel something VERY negative about my future partner. The thing scared me for so long and I wanted to share with every Pastor I met, but I didn’t.
It held me captive for a long time, but one time, I got tired!
I went on my knees in prayer constantly about that negative feeling until I knew God had taken care of it.

(To think I don’t even know this fine bobo yet, but God has a way or revealing things to us!)

You see, one major problem believers have is that they wait to pray until the adversity shows up.
We’re supposed to fortify our spirit man at every time, because no one knows when adversity will actually show up.
But when we pray, we recognize it when it shows up and it doesn’t paralyze our faith!
We just keep declaring the word of God until the mountain is moved!

I like the quote that says-
Pray, so you’d not have to pray.

Haha. It sounds funny. But it’s just an advice to be spiritually strong at EVERY POINT IN TIME!

I went for a leadership seminar on Saturday and it was life changing! The man who convened it told us that just because someone gives you a prophecy doesn’t mean it’d come to pass.

This is what he meant. He meant that if by chance someone saw something evil that might happen to you; you don’t have to accept it as your reality. When someone smells danger for you (and I’m talking about true messages here, not the ones that lead to fear); you can take that message to your Papa and change it through prayers!

Personally, there have been times I would dream and know I could smell danger, for myself or someone.
I didn’t start crying and wailing about it; because prayers nullify things!

Same as good things! If someone says they saw you doing something mighty and great for God; it doesn’t necessarily mean that thing will come to pass.

Sorry to burst your bubble!

Do you think the devil will sit and watch you like film until it happens?
He’d obviously come against you with full force because too many destinies are attached to yours.

Summary of this post is this- stop joking with your prayer life!

Stop waiting for prayer points to be raised in Church before you pray.
Stay in you home or room and pray!

Pray about your future and what God might have shown you.
Declare with the word of God that the devil will not be able to steal what God has in store for you.

I know many of us sometimes struggle with prayers (including moi), but it’s a tactic of the enemy. Even the devil knows how powerful prayers are, and he’s not going to go down without a fight!

This is not to scare you.
Prayer isn’t as difficult as we sometimes believe, it is conversation with God that is backed with authority of what He has already said!

I saw a verse in Numbers and my heart leaped!

Numbers 23:23 (MSG)
No magic spells can bind Jacob, no incantations can hold back Israel. People will look at Jacob and Israel and say, “What a great thing has God done!”

This is the word, take it and declare it! Put your name instead.
Declare it over every aspect of your life.
Declare it over your future.

Pray, so that you’d not pray. (Not that you can actually escape prayer, even in the future.)

Bishop Oyedepo also shared that one time they told him his first son had jaundice. But he had been in prayer for so long that he dismissed it and declared healing straight away.
His son didn’t take drugs, and he was healed!

There are things you’d be surprised you can move when you pray.
The way you’d move some results will surprise even you when you’ve been praying.

Like the time I had one oppressive dream. Haha, I woke and wondered if that was me in the dream!
I didn’t gree (accept) o, but I knew it was because I was armed with the word of God strongly at that time.

The word says God doesn’t give us more than we can bare.
The devil however, likes to bring us battles that WE THINK we can’t bare.

But please, John 5:16 says that the effective fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much! NLT says the earnest prayer of a righteous man has great power and produces wonderful results.

Don’t sleep on your dreams and aspirations and tell every Tom, Dick and Harry what God has told you about your future.
Be sensitive.
Stand in prayer for YOURSELF and YOUR FUTURE!



Have a fantastic time ahead!

Remember to be kind to everyone.

Join us to also welcome every new efamily member in this house!
Haha, we’re so glad to have you here and we love you!

Love always,


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