BWB: Read something!

BWB: Read something!

Hey hey hey!


Wassap people!!! 😁😁😁
Hope you’re doing great?

To be honest, I’d try and see if these evening times are better off for us all, or whether we’d stick to our morning times.
Though I think mornings are best though.

Today’s post is a simple one that you probably have heard many times.

I have friends who claim that it’s not their nature to read!
Haha, when someone told me that, I just rolled my eyes.

It is essential to be a reader if you plan to move ahead of your peers! Honestly.

Once someone begins to speak to me- especially for the first time, I can tell if they read a lot.

I wouldn’t say I read a lot, but I read! At least, enough. Lol.

After finishing a book (How I lost 40kg by Remi Owadokun) yesterday on how a lady lost 40kg, I was jeered up to reach my goal to hit 50kg. She talked about a lot of issues I’m currently going through with staying fit.

It made me think of what a lot of people were missing because they weren’t reading!
These are people that have put so much of what they learned over the years into a book.

Why not invest in it and save yourself some trouble!
This is not to say that you’d not experience things on your own, but knowledge does help.
Especially applied knowledge!

I finished reading “The Lady, her Lover and her Lord” by T.D Jakes and started thinking of my life! LOL!
I was like- mahn, God, please keep working on me o, because I doubt I’m ready for any relationship!

I advice you get that book, whether you’re male or female. It’d enlighten you on a lot of things you thought you already knew!

And that’s what books do to us. They open our eyes! Many of us begin to sing- “I was blind, but now I see!”

You can’t tell me it’s ‘your nature’ to not read. Everyone who reads wasn’t born with a book in hand, they developed the habit!

Check the lifestyles of great men and you’d be amazed how much time they give to reading and gaining knowledge.

That’s just what I’d like to share today.

Don’t dull yourself. There’s so much you don’t know that’s in a book somewhere(academic or leisure).

Just read something!
Have an amazing time ahead!

Love always,


BWB means Blossom with Bolaji.


  • UniqueOJ

    Tanx so much sista B for this inspiring post. U are actually talking to me.. I realy need 2work on myself. More grace to ur pen nd elbow, God bless u dear

  • Thanks B for this reminder! Readers are indeed Leaders. It’s funny to hear someone say it’s not in their nature to read, lol. Like you said, everyone who reads developed the habit, no one was born with a book.
    I personally don’t really like reading my academic books but any other interesting article, bring it on, hehe.

    Weldone Sis, more grace. And I love the BWB series, keep Blossoming hun

    • Yes o. Readers developed the habit ni. It didn’t drop on their heads.

      Trust me, academic reading can be BORING! LOL
      I totally get it. I mostly read those because I have to ni. Lol

      Thanks for reading girl! Appreciate you big time.

    • Haha! Ok sis.
      I’d send the song, but I’m not sure if the book is still free. I downloaded kindle and then got it from amazon cuz she made it free for sometime.

      Except you’re talking about T.D Jakes book. That one is hard copy.

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