BWB: Praise that matters.

BWB: Praise that matters.

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You like to receive praise from one another, but you do not try to win praise from the one who alone is God; how, then, can you believe me?
John 5:44 GNB

Let me burst into today’s lesson- Nothing matters, except it glorifies God!

Still on living a comparison free life, the best thing you can do is please God! Like, I’m not even kidding, because that is what pays.

When we adequately think about many of the things we run after, do they even align with God’s calling on our lives?

I can’t remember the specific achievement I had, but I felt it was a big deal. While thinking about it, I heard God tell me- I am proud of you.
I smiled to myself and said- Thank you!

See, you’d cross some mile stones and expect standing ovation from people, but get nada (nothing)!

You’d work on something for so long and when it finally happens, people who were hailing at the beginning will go mute.

What will happen then?

Will it mean that it was all for nothing?
Or you’d say it wasn’t God that sent you just because people didn’t praise you?


I remember one time in Secondary School. I got the third prize in Fine Arts and was super happy! (You know I love to draw… 😊)

Guess what happened when I got home?
I told my people I had gotten a prize, and it didn’t mean much!

Like, the conversation just continued as if I had announced that a pin fell.
I was hurt, but that didn’t mean I didn’t do well.

I put in work to earn that prize and I was not going to think of myself less because no one hailed me for it!

We must be mindful sef.

I like to check my motives often o.
‘Bolaji, why are you doing this?’

Is it because you want people to see what you’ve done and then rub your ego?
Or is it to please God?

It helps me put things into perspective and if I’m doing it for a selfish reason, I ask for help from God to have the right motives!

Don’t live your life expecting praises from people, because you’d be miserable when you don’t get it. You will look forward to it and that will be your only reward.

Praises from people isn’t bad in itself o, but it must not be what we look out for when we do things.

Sometimes people will react the way we don’t even expect.
I told a friend some days ago, how I didn’t particularly like it when she laughed after I shared my thoughts or dreams with her.
She had done it for sometime…

I would share something that took me time to even share and I’d get a good old laugh, even before I got her thoughts on it.

It affected me for sometime and I started having bitter feelings towards her.

God then taught me that I had made her my god!
Yes o. It’s not until you bow to someone that the person becomes a god.

I had put responsibilities that only God should have in my life on her, so when she didn’t encourage or praise me, I took offense!

Why should we live on a person’s praise when God is there?

I later opened up to her and told her to be sensitive not to laugh or make jokes out of what people shared with her.
It takes courage to share some things and most people wouldn’t appreciate being mocked.


That phase has passed, but I learned my lessons.
People might praise me, but that isn’t really what matters!

God’s approval is the koko. (Main thing.)

Our Guest Pastor on Sunday said that every accomplishment in our lives must point to God!
Go and ask Herod in the Bible the consequences of taking God’s glory on one’s self!


No matter how little the praise is, send it straight up to your maker.
When people hail me or praise me about anything, I try to always tell them- Glory to God!

Because really, Glory to God!

Every good and perfect gift comes from Him and Him alone!

Search your heart and allow God work on it.

Do the praises from people matter more in your life than the one from God?


If so, realign yourself and let God be number one.
His thoughts about you should come first and you should always get your self-esteem from His love, not humans.

I hope this helps!

How has it been for you?

Whose praise matters to you?


Have a fantastic Wednesday.

And send all praises up!

For all our new efamily members! Welcome and welcome!

BWB means Blossom with Bolaji. It’s the Wednesday segment of the blog. ♡

Love always,


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