Hey hey hey!

I started doing something.
Something my friends in Secondary School would have laughed at me for. They would have said it’s so weird and seems ‘hungry’ to do such.

Big girls don’t need to like their own posts, because other people will like them!

Yes, as funny as it may sound to you, liking one’s own picture or post on social media was something ‘we the big girls’ never did when we were younger.
Like, why in the world would I do that?

That’s not for the popular and famous.

Stupid…I know!

But all that has become a joke to me now. I’m not saying I actually LIKE or HEART all my posts or pictures on Social Media, I’m saying it’s not bad to do so!

You know how we talked about comparison last week on ‘Blossom with Bolaji’?
Well, here’s something to think about-

You need to love, appreciate and be happy about YOURSELF and the gifts/beauty God has placed in your life!

Think about it…
Why do you read another person’s post?
Why do you subscribe to another person’s blog?
Why do you like another person’s picture?
Why do you save another person’s poem?

I’d like to think that it’s because you appreciate their talent and learn from them.
So, when will you learn from you?

And this topic doesn’t have to be taken literally- LIKE YOUR OWN POSTS.

It just means – Boo, like and appreciate yourself too!

Comparison comes from a place of inferiority, where we think someone else has been blessed more than us!
Our talent and gift is different, so we can’t make impact like the person we’re jealous of.

Such big lie!

You might not be the best writer in town and it’s more difficult for you to pen things down; but what about your organizational skill?

My partner (GEMGirl) and roomie always pushes anything that has to do with writing on my head. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s not.

The thing is, if you don’t even try something, you’d never know how good you can become at it. I even started doing something- writing EVERYDAY!

HAHA. Though I blog, I don’t particularly write or pen something worth reading everyday! And I’ve read countless times that the key to becoming a better writer is to write more and more and more… You get my point.

But that’s not even my message today.
The point I’m making is, my roommate is much better in organizing events than I am.
Do you see what I’m saying sef…

We work much better when we compliment one another, than when we hate or remain jealous.

Be thankful for what you’ve been given and use it to glorify God!

Smile at your pictures because you’re beautiful.
Thank God for the gift He has given you.


Even in the blogosphere (blogging world), I appreciate the different approaches God uses in people.

If I read Frances’ post without her putting her name, I’d sense that she wrote it.
Same with Itunu and all other writer friends I have.
Everyone just has their own separate spice that makes the whole blogosphere sweet!

One is salt, another Maggi, another Curry, Thyme is there too; and together we make delicious ofada stew!

Lol. Don’t mind me.

I just want us to get the point.

Have you ever had tooth ache?
My brother.
My sister.
I don’t pray for my enemy to have toothache.

How is it that the tooth is just a small part of the whole body, but when it’s aching, your whole body will be like jelly.
That shows that the tooth is important!

So, why should the tooth be jealous of the hand?
Why should the tooth say, ‘I wish I was the finger so people can see me more!’

You’re equally important. Very important.
If you learn to appreciate God for your gifts and uniqueness, hate and jealousy will be far from you.
Because in loving yourself, you begin to love and appreciate others too.

We all can be better, but leave it to God to prune everyone.
Don’t use your Introduction to compare another persons Chapter 10.

Like your own posts!

(I’m using posts because that’s what I’m familiar with; yours might be your firm, business, school, family, friends, opportunities, etc.)

Amen? Amen!

Have an ama-mazing time ahead.

Exams start today. Send prayers up on my bahalf!

Thank you so much! Thank you so much. Thank you so much.

It’s been a real blessing having you as my efamily member!
It’s such a great opportunity to connect with brothers and sisters in Christ.

There were so many blogs in town before I started blogging; but I’m so glad I started. The lessons, growth, opportunities, friends and family I’ve gained!

If there’s anything God has been asking you to do, don’t be afraid! Don’t be anxious because so many people are already in the game; you have the game-changer with you and that changes everything!

Love always,


  • I loved this. It’s so beautiful and down to earth. And true about the toothache. Hmmn so simple but yet so true. It’s good to appreciate what God has done in our lives. Sometimes we ignore it and that’s when the comparison trap sets in. Like recently when I was wondering if I’ve even come far with God at all, God just made me to see what he has done in my life. It was awesome I tell you and I was like wow, yea I’m special.Hehe. See how God has taken someone broken and turned it into something beautiful. He’s just beautiful and he wants us to appreciate each step we take with him. It might not be great but when we see it we get to appreciate ourselves more because we have come far. I like how you compared the condiments thing. You brought it home. Thanks so much. Love you as always. Xoxo

    • Love you too sis!
      Honestly, comparing does us no good!

      It’s much better when we just appreciate and love one another. No need hating.
      We should be thankful for our individual gifts and appreciate others for theirs. That way, the work of God moves!
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 😘😘😘

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