BWB: Don’t get distracted.

BWB: Don’t get distracted.

Hey hey hey!

Pic by YouVersion, Author of quote unknown.
Pic by YouVersion, Author of quote unknown.


Immediately after my quiet time, I looked forward to checking Facebook.

I had recently joined a lot of awesome groups that shared fantastic information for entrepreneurs.

But there was a problem.

I was getting distracted! I started getting info-overload and didn’t even know it.

My eyes opened when I spoke to a brother of mine. Asking him why he wasn’t using social media to leverage his business.

This was not a bad question in itself, but what he shared made me do a heart check.

My heart had not been particularly right. I still love the groups and the information shared there, but I’ve paused for a while.
I haven’t checked any group message for days now and it’d probably remain like this for a little while more.

The info-overload got me distracted. I actually started dreaming other people’s dreams instead of mine.

These groups had tenacious entrepreneurs, all doing awesome stuff in business. Unknowingly, I started trying to do what they were doing to get ahead.

I wanted to rush into all the business ideas I had, using their principles.

Don’t get me wrong, I still appreciate these people and groups. But now, I’m guarding my heart.

Psalm 4:23
Guard your heart will all diligence for out of it flows the issues of life.

I don’t want to start dreaming other peoples dreams. Using other peoples principles and going after their goals seems an unhealthy way to do things.

I gave myself brain fast fast and did a mind reset!

Adopting good principles from others is a great idea, but do not get distracted!
Be willing to pause, take a step back and reevaluate.

Is God asking you to start that business right now?
If so, is He asking you to use the principles you’ve been seeing?

I ask this because, sometimes God’s instructions sound funny! He might ask you to start your business or pursue your goals in a way that others have told you didn’t work for them!
Somebody may ask you to hold on with any business idea, until the economy becomes better.

Is that what God is asking you?

Do you know what this info-overload started doing to me?
It made me want to be seen. It made me try to show myself.

So, when people start talking about something, even if I didn’t know much about it, I’d also want to share something.
When a question was asked, and I didn’t really have an answer; I’d still put something down.
My heart was not right. I had lost focus.

So I quickly pressed break on this car, in fact, I packed!

Some of these people are amazing personalities. However, I’ve ultimately learned to not be deceived by just what I see on social media.

All these get rich fast schemes can not work. Especially for believers who are doing business with God!

God can uplift you and make you stand before kings in a matter of months.

Also, I’ve learned that God, most times wants to take you through a process!

He will not just take you from point A to point B without any lessons. Even if it’s one lesson you learn on the way, you must learn something! Haha.

That’s it for the family today.

Don’t get distracted. We know you’re trying to pursue your dreams, goals and aspirations with full force; but don’t lose focus on the important things.

Let God guide you!


I had shared in Monday’s word on Direction that I was going to share something at night. Somehow I couldn’t get to it.

Ahh, the way I’m already looking out for May because of the break ehn!

Anyway, have a fantastic time ahead.

If you’re just joining our efamily, please introduce yourself and let’s get to know you better!

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Love always,

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