BWB-Be prudent with words.

BWB-Be prudent with words.

Hey hey hey!

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Howdy? Wassap wassap?
Lol. Please, don’t mind this girl.

Welcome to our efamily meeting today. I’m sure you’d take some lessons to other efamily members when this meeting is done.

I was tempted to title this post- Sister TalkTalk, keep quiet. Lol. I figured that ‘Be prudent with words’ was more sophisticated. So we chose that instead.

I am still reading ‘The lady, her Lover and Her Lord’. Yes, I sometimes take time with certain books to adequately sap lessons from it.
In one of the chapters, T.D Jakes dealth a great deal on women and words. Like, he really broke it down.

When I finished reading it, I started thinking deep. How prudent am I with words?

He explained how men HATE when women are careless with words; especially if one discloses something the ‘lover’ or friend told in confidentiality.

In January, I went to visit my sister at her office during their lunch break. Ewooo, the men dismantled their feelings that day.
It was as if I was watching film. Many of them complained about women and how they use words.

This is not to encourage anyone to start disclosing his or her marital word battle with others o.

Though T.D Jakes focused mainly on how women have to be very careful with how they use words with their lovers; I’d like to focus more on using words generally.

Let’s face it, anyone who talks too much will start saying unnecessary things.
It’s as simple as that.

If you’ve labeled yourself a ‘talkative’ and declared that it’s your nature; you better think again o.
Talkativeness has been known to lead to lie distribution.

This means that you’d not know when this ‘nature’ will cause you to start lying because you want to talk during EVERY conversation.

Few weeks ago, I was in an overnight practice for Church drama. We started gisting after practice and because I wasn’t cautious enough to shut up; I slipped and shared something I didn’t want anyone there to know.

Kai, it pained me!
I could IMMEDIATELY feel God chastising me. I certainly wanted the hands of time to reverse so I’d have held my lips together during the conversation.

I’m sure many of us feel like this sometimes. The words just ‘fall’, when we didn’t ask them to.
Perhaps, we’re not being prudent enough with our words.

I tell you, no one appreciates someone who talks TOO much. It’s just not appropriate.
I know people who know something about everything! They always have a statement to make in every conversation.

It’s ok to say , ‘oh really?’ And stay quiet after that. Especially if one doesn’t even know much about the topic being discussed.
Listening allows us sap more information than talking.

Please ehn, don’t always ‘show yourself’ in every gathering. It just might cause some embarrassment, like it caused me few weeks ago during drama practice.

Sometimes, let’s mentally tell ourselves- ‘Bolaji(Insert name), shut up because you don’t NEED to talk right now.’


But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.
Matthew 12:36 KJV

How idle are your words?

Let’s make more prudent words.

That’s our little advice to our efamily today. Please ehn, lerrus (let us) try.

Have an awesome time ahead.

Love always,


P.S- BWB means BlossomWithBolaji.

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  • Hey Mobolaji,
    Nice post you’ve got out there today .
    I’ve been a victim of today’s post over and over but I found a solution through the help of the Holy Spirit .
    It’s JAMES 1 vs 19…..
    We should learn to meditate and practice the advice given in that verse. It Works !!!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts through today’s post .
    Stay blessed …

    • For some reason, I’m just seeing comments here. I’m so sorry.

      Thanks for leaving your thoughts and a verse too!
      “Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.”

      God help us to meditate and really get the lesson in that verse, because most of us actually prefer to talk and not listen. Thanks again!

  • So true B! In the multitude of words, there is iniquity and i’m guilty.

    I’m not a talkative pe say but I love gist.. and just like you pointed out, it goes from slight exaggerations to full blown lies!
    Thanks for this timely reminder on prudence with words. Working on a similar post took..

    God help us all to bridle our tongues

    • Haha. Why am I just seeing this o!
      Thanks a lot babe for sharing your thoughts, can’t wait to read your take on your blog!

      To be honest, most of us like gist. Lol. But we must be mindful of it because it can lead to sin. God help help help us o. Amen

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