BWB: 5 things you need to know about fear.

BWB: 5 things you need to know about fear.

Hey hey hey!

5 things you need to know about fear!

How are you? How has the year been for you so far? Hope you’ve not totally dropped your goals for the year o. We still have 9 months to go-whoop whoop!

This is not the time to drag your feet. It’s time to get going!

I’ve been thinking of fear lately, not in a bad way; but trying to understand why it holds us back from doing or achieving things.

No one will buy this my idea.

No one will listen to me.

No  one will invite me.

No one will (insert your fear here).

Whatever your fear is, here are 5 things you should realize.

  1. Fear can kill ALL your dreams if you allow it. It is common for everyone to feel fear when they step out of their comfort zone, but some people break free and they do it afraid! I’m not suggesting that fear is not real- because it sure is! I am saying that if you let your pessimist side outweigh your optimistic side, a lot of your goals and aspirations will be locked up in a warehouse called- Treasures.
  2. Fear is outrageous! Isn’t it true that the time we ought to spend thinking positively is the time we use to nurture our “what if’s?” And most people who share things with me sometimes elaborate their fears so much, that I begin to wonder if there is any iota of positivity in the whole story. Why not think outrageously good things, instead of bad. I am not even kidding, there was a time I was afraid of death. Anything I did made me feel strange. I’d be walking and that nonsense devil will begin to put nonsense into my head. Things like a bus coming from nowhere to hit me. Or my fan falling from the ceiling on my head. It was not a pleasant feeling and I am glad God delivered me from it. Pray about any fear that’s still holding you captive.
  3. Fear is unlikely. This one is so true! I cannot remember where I read that 90% of the things we fear NEVER come to pass. My constant fear of death did not happen (God keep us all in Jesus name.) And I am sure that if I asked you to mention your former fears, you’d realize that most of it did not happen. I feared I would never enter a University when I was the only one of my friends without admission- it did not happen! Even after getting admission, there were times I feared I’d drop out- it did not happen! I think you get my message now.
  4. Fear may mean potential growth. Most times, the fear of something may mean you’re no longer comfortable where you are. Fear may mean that you are about to do something great, and it scares you like crazy. I also read somewhere that many of us actually fear how awesome we can become more than how bad things can be. For example, Biola is about to start her business, she thinks she’s afraid of how bad things can go- but in actual sense, she is scared of how big the business can grow. She’s scared that she is not qualified to own a company. She is afraid of her potential growth, but she does not know it. When next a strong feeling of fear hits you, you may want to evaluate what that fear  is pointing to.
  5. Fear will show up constantly, it is how you battle it that matters. As long as you keep developing yourself, things will change. Let’s say I start a course that teaches entrepreneurship in a tremendously good way; I will feel fear when the time comes for me to implement the knowledge I just gained. That is what happens when we travel new routes. We will always enter unfamiliar routes with some fear, but we don’t have to let it steal our shine!


BWB means Blossom with Bolaji.

I hope you’ve learned a thing or two from today’s post. Do not let fear paralize you and your dreams. There’s so much waiting for you outside your comfort zone. It’s time to move.


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Love always,


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