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This recommendation is one I’ve been meaning to post for a long time. Thank God it’s finally here.

I remember a friend telling me that the devil is in trouble in the lives of our future husbands- that is, for the women at the well. And he truly is, because we have learned to pray for the one whose name we do not yet know.

Fortunately, you can join us to put the devil in trouble and begin to cover your future home in prayers.

Frances Okoro’s latest book will soon be in our hands! Whoop whoop. You know a book is powerful when you find yourself praying like crazy while editing it. If you still don’t get what I’m talking about, it’s The Prayers for your Future Husband.



Our testimony is full because a TWTW book: The List (this whole book contains all the Bible studies we’ve had in the past year every Friday night), is also going to be released in few days.


If you’re a lady in Lagos, please, don’t even try to miss TWTW next meet. Trust me, even I will be there in spirit 😇)

Plus, you’d be able to get these two amazing books at the meet.



However, you can preorder them RIGHT NOW and get an amazing discount. You can preorder before March 3rd at two thousand naira (2000) and get these two books probably with a ’21 Days Prayers for your Future Husband Challenge’ ebook too.

Frances’ book along with TWTW book that include four studies (the list, marriage God’s way, becoming God’s own kind of woman and the character of a godly woman) all for 2000naira (either hard copy or soft copies depending on what you prefer).

And if you’d like to get just Frances’ book for now, you can also preorder with one thousand naira (1000).

See this as an investment in your future home. I’ve learned that prayers are never wasted.

Wouldn’t it be nice when you finally start a home and your spouse shares with you how the prayers you prayed years ago worked for him/her; even though you had not met then?

I don’t think God does coincidences. Though believers experience many in their lives, it’s simply a sign that we’ve been called to pray about any and everything- including our future husbands/wives, children, etc.

Make this investment today, no need to procrastinate. And if you have a sister that you love dearly, drive her to our next meet because she must not miss it.

Please contact our admin via email at 4thewomenatthewell@gmail.com to preorder or check our TWTW site for more info. (Dates have changed though).


Ps: Guys get these books for the sisters/daughters you love dearly too.


God bless you.

Light and love,






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