Behind the scenes of our Nigerian Owanbe.

Good Wednesday Morning!

Hello everyone!
I don’t get it, but it seems like it’s been so long since I posted. And Friday isn’t even up to a week yet.
I’m sorry there was no Word this week. I actually took permission from God to have a break on Monday. I felt like I didn’t have energy to put down anything.  I’m sorry.

So today I want to give you inside gist to my sister’s wedding.

Hmm. See ehn, when you go for any owanbe and think you’ve earned the right to just sit and eat rice with two meat on top, better think again.
You should first go to the bride, her groom and their families to say ‘thank you’ before you sit to eat anything.

You can only see the beautiful wedding, not the work behind the scenes.

I’d be sharing 3 inside info about our first family wedding. Don’t tell anyone! Lol

This I only knew after the wedding.

First inside story.
Our caterer came very late! I don’t know why I didn’t notice this.
When my mum gists you about this part of the wedding ehn, you’d laugh!
My parents said they couldn’t remember to go round tables to thank people(as parents normally do in Nigerian weddings), because all they could think about were the angry people seated who hadn’t eaten.
And we know, oh we know very well that if there is any type of food shortage in a Nigerian wedding, the guests will talk about it till the end of time.
Once a guest doesn’t get food in an owanbe, then the event wasn’t nice. Lol. What selfish thought!
Anyways she(the caterer) later arrived with excuses, but thankfully the guests got to eat to their satisfaction.
I actually ate Chinese food for the first time at my sister’s wedding and I’m not even ashamed.

Second inside story.
We didn’t have bridesmaids dresses.
Well…technically we did, but we didn’t like them. We sew the top and skirt, only to find out that the combination was a no no!
So we changed tailor and bought another material to make the tops. This happened on the Monday of the week of the wedding. The tailor said we’d get the clothes on Wednesday, but we got them on Friday. (Never ever trust a Nigerian tailor. Never!)
That’s Friday, the day before the wedding!
Too much story on this one o.
Too much story.

Third inside story.
NOTE: Not every beautiful bridesmaid is wearing cloth with zip.

This is continuation from the second inside story.
We were 5 bridesmaids.

1 bridesmaid had her collection checked out and was good to go.
1 bridesmaid ironed her skirt and burnt it.
1 bridesmaid’s top was too tight, and I mean way too tight. She looked like she was doing ‘chestout’. You know that thing soldiers do na…I digress.
1 bridesmaid hadn’t tried out her collection at all. So there was the possibility that it wouldn’t fit on the wedding day.
1 bridesmaid’s top was too big. Thank God for another bridesmaid who could adjust anything with needle and thread who helped to slimfit the top. But then the bridesmaid spoilt the zip before going to bed.

Anyways. Conclusion of the matter was that there were no bridesmaids cloth. Everyone had one story or the other.

But as we woke on the wedding day and took turns to pray. We prayed that absolutely nothing was allowed to stress us out and that we’d enjoy the day.
God answered us.

At the last minute, we decided that even if it was for the pictures, we were going to wear the clothes.

Even the groomsmen did not notice. Lol!

I was the last bridesmaid described above and as we drove to church, they were sewing my zip with needle and thread. </imageNo one noticed any of the flaws except us. And it definitely didn’t show in our pictures.
It wasn’t easy, but it all fell into place on the wedding day.

So let me again end with this, you’ve not earned the right to eat rice and chicken in any owanbe. Except you’ve personally gone to thank the couple and their families for all the stress they went through for you to be able to eat the rice and chicken.

Happy married life dear sister! God bless your home.

The end.

Have a fantastic day ahead.
God bless you all big time!

Really thinking of changing hosts so I can do much more with the blog. I prayed about the blog and God asked me to invest in it.
I don’t totally get what He means yet. But I’m willing to understand as time goes on, so please remember to pray for omobolaji.com and if you have suggestions, I’m only a mail away! bolajiolorisade@gmail.com.
Thank you.

Love, Mobolaji.


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