Be a friend, not a bully.

Be a friend, not a bully.

Good morning awesome people!
I just want to vent about bullying and state that it’s not right!

Sticks and stones don’t even hurt as much as words do.

Some people at home call me ‘Pastor Activist’, while my friends here now say they’d call me if they ever need anyone to fight for them.
That’s funny, because I very well know that if I ever get into a physical fight, I would be dealt with! However, if it’s time to battle with words, I probably will be victorious.

I don’t get into verbal fights anymore because it doesn’t please God; but if I slip and let words roll out, I try as much as possible to apologize. What I can’t stand though, is keeping quiet when someone I know or care about is being belittled or abused. I might not confront the abuser or bully in an abusive way, but I’d make sure I confront nevertheless.

I believe there’s a part of me that only comes out once in a while. It came out sometime back when one dude was very disrespectful to my dad. It also came out few days ago in class.

We had all gathered to get our test scripts from the Class-Representative when a classmate went to sit with his friend and the chair tilted. It was quite funny because they nearly fell and most people laughed out loud.
After that, I was quietly waiting for my index number to be called when I noticed the classmate move towards one of us who laughed. He started to say somethings to the guy that I didn’t know when I started shouting “You don’t say that! You just don’t say that!”


It felt like a scene from a movie because I didn’t expect that people were still so mean!

Why were you laughing? Was it funny? See this guy o! You cripple, hope you know that God didn’t create you well and you were laughing.”  These were the exact words that the person who almost fell said to the other guy.


I still don’t get how that can drop from someone’s mouth to another human being like him! Most people know that this guy limps, but I tell you, it’s so slight that you might not even notice!
If someone can say that to a person who has two legs and arms functioning well with only a slight limp; I then wonder what he could say to someone without limbs.

I fidget when I’m upset and even the guy who was abused had to calm me down. He took it quite well and told me that it’s ok because the other guy doesn’t know anything.

It wrecked my emotions and I couldn’t stay there anymore. I couldn’t express myself because they didn’t want me to go and talk some sense into the guy immediately. I had to leave so that no one would see the tears that were threatening to slide down my face.

Sigh. It wasn’t only the guy who laughed so I wondered, why was he the one attacked?

Please, if you’re reading this, you have to know that- IT’S NOT OK, NOT ALRIGHT, NOT FAIR, NOT APPROPRIATE, NOT NICE, NOT LOVING, NOT GODLY for you to bully or demean anyone with your words! IT’S NOT OK!

Mean, unnecessary and hurtful words have led to people committing suicide! You don’t know what someone’s already dealing with at home, maybe they only get solace from school(or work). And there you are, making them feel less human.


I can’t stand such things. I just can’t! And I could never sustain a friendship with a bully.

We have to know that anyone we see or get to know is just as important we are.
No one is less because of a defect.
No one is less important because of social status.
No one is less because of circumstances.
No one is less beautiful because of a scar.
No one is less.

It’s not nice to think we can say such hurtful things to people and go free. This world is too small to act anyhow, because you don’t know where or when you’d meet the people you have hurt.
I remember very well how I abused a guy in JSS1(Junior Secondary School) because he fell and had a cut on his eyebrow. The scar remained.
Not long after, I also fell right in class and had a cut on my eyebrow as well. The scar remains.
He reminded me of how I mocked him and just walked away without feeling sorry for me.

What goes around comes around. Bullying isn’t only when you hit someone, because you can hit even with your words. And words are very hard to forget.

My conclusion is this –  Don’t bully and don’t let anyone bully you.

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I wouldn’t be posting anything next week and I gave my reasons in our last PraiseLetter.

I pray you remain safe and blessed this period and beyond. I pray my country Nigeria experiences peace from God today as the elections begin. #VoteNotFight


Till our next post…
God bless you.
Love, Bolaji.


  • Words are indeed the strongest mechanism. But I think you’d find it easier if u begin to understand that there are mean people in the world. When u do that, you don’t expect too much from them hence, u avoid any culture shock

    • Hmm. I know people are mean o! It just surprises sometimes what someone can say to another…
      So, I guess culture shock will be there just a bit.
      Thanks sweetheart for stopping by.^.^

  • Hi Bola

    I could feel your words and you are right, words have a strong impact.

    It is sad that people would use words a person feel worthless when God has said that humanity is beautiful.

    There is no gain in bullying anyone instead one keeps getting insecure.

    Thanks for sharing. Nice blog.

    Take Care

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