As it can be: WHAT YALI IS DOING.

As it can be: WHAT YALI IS DOING.

Hey hey hey!

I remember how excited I was when I just found out about Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI). I read basically everything on their website and have completed 4 of their courses so far.

YALI is an initiative started by the U.S Government under President Barrack Obama in 2014. ‘The Young African Leaders Initiative, or YALI, is not just a fellowship, or an online community, or a place to go for regional leadership training. YALI is all three!’ (As seen on their site).

Interestingly, they have resources that cover for almost all kinds of people. You don’t have to be as crazy about social work as I am to take their courses. In fact, I’ve done some on business and I still plan to do more.




Since 2014, there has been a process where about 2000 young Africans (already causing change in their communities) were chosen to spend 6 weeks in U.S Institutions to learn what has and hasn’t worked in the social space for their Country. This they do under the ‘Madela Washington Fellowship’ and it has been a great way for African youth to gain access to mentors, partners and even donors.

They also have Cohorts every once in a while where African leaders are chosen (according to regions), trained and mentored for a period of 1-2 months. I have a friend who was chosen for this particular YALI Initiative and has been testifying every since. She’s so excited about me getting picked that she almost forced me to register while still in school. Lol.

Again, just before you roll your eyes because you’re not that into social development (though we all should be), it will interest you to know they have resources under these 3 major areas:
Civil Leadership,
Public Management,
Business and Entrepreneurship.

You can take a course today! Or join their Facebook group to have access to other news about them, connect with young Africans from various countries and even form partnerships.

If you’ve been meaning to volunteer for an organization or Initiative around you, their page/group is probably a good place to start.

Join the network and thank me later. Lol. I’ve learned so much since I joined the community and have many friends also involved.

Check YALI out today.
If you’re new here, welcome!
The AS IT CAN BE section of the blog is where we share resources on Social entrepreneurship and development. We share what individuals and organizations are ALREADY DOING to change their Countries and Africa at large in order to encourage others to get involved and not fold their arms because we’re actually the change we’ve been seeking for.

One person, JUST ONE PERSON, with other awesome people can radically change a Nation. This one person can be you…

Love always,


Website: yali.state.gov


Twitter: YALINetwork





  • Oluwatosin

    Yeah YALI is a good group to join.I got to know about it from a brother of mine.That actually encouraged me to speak to my primary school guys to start a project for our primary school. I started some of their courses but am surely going to continue those courses by 2017. Thanks ma’am for always bringing up resources here for people to learn and grow.God bless you more. Whoever refreshes others shall also be refreshed..

    • Yay! God bless you. I hope you do something awesome for your Primary School and encourage others too. You never know who will be blessed by your project.
      Kindly finish the courses when you can, they have a lot of lessons!

      Amen to your prayer. I pray same for you because your comments are more refreshing than you know…

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