As it can be: What Slum2School is doing.

As it can be: What Slum2School is doing.

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If you remember what I shared in this post, you’d know that Wednesdays focus on social issues/ change / development and what people like you and I are doing about it.

I knew about Slum2School first on Twitter (or was it Instagram?) Their pictures encouraged me to volunteer more, but what surprised me most was the fact that this was an organization under 5 years!
If you volunteer in Nigeria, you’d probably have heard about Slum2School.

Then, I attended their volunteer submit last year on their founder’s birthday and was again very impressed.

Slum2School as the name implies helps children who live in slums have easy access to education. Many of them would probably have never attended school if not for the organization.
Because most parents in the slums are more worried about what to eat or how to survive, than about how their Children can get educated.
And those who really want their Children to go to school, might not be able to afford it.

With their focus mainly on Makoko (but not limited to it), they give Children a chance to go to school.

I remember volunteering for Clean Up Makoko few years ago and seeing many Slum2School volunteers at the school we rested.
What I loved and still love most about this organization is how they’ve been able to use volunteerism to their advantage.


I saw a post by the founder (fine boy, by the way) that they only just employed full staff in 2016 since their inception and I was pleasantly surprised.

In Nigeria, where we think no one has time to help others…
In Nigeria, where we think people are only concerned about themselves…
People are volunteering like they’re being paid to do so.

That’s one thing I’d love everyone to take out of this post: the beauty in volunteering and the strategy of an organization that has dedicated volunteers.

You know what they mean when people say ‘You carry a matter on your head’? Well, Slum2School volunteers carry this matter on their head o.


And to conclude this post, I’d share the very little I know about the founder.
I remember seeing or reading an article/post by him about how his parents weren’t comfortable with him starting a Not-For-Profit organization. Not that they thought doing good was bad, but that he could be safer doing something that will bring in steady income.

Somehow, he got too uncomfortable not doing anything about the change we all seek. I’m sure when he started, he wouldn’t have known that Slum2School will be where it is today.
He wouldn’t have known that he’d be recognized or that people who he doesn’t know (like me) will be writing and encouraging others with his story.

If you’re not led to do something as scary as leaving your job to start a nongovernmental organization, you can still do something!

There’s always a place to volunteer. There’s always good to do.

Slum2School has many professionals as volunteers. I remember seeing one of such who is a Doctor and thought- How does she find the time?

Because of them, over 500 children from the slums get to go to school. And get groomed by amazing volunteers.
It’s not just about going to the four walls of a school, but that these Children know that people care. They will begin to broaden their horizon as they interact with these volunteers and know that there’s life outside a slum. And that they can grow to become phenomenal people who will also help change lives.

This is what Slum2School is doing.

What will you do?

It took one person, Otto Orondaam to start and many followed his vision.

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Who knows? People might be waiting for you to start something too.

Website: Slum2School.org
Founder: Otto Orondaam


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