As it can be: What makes you angry?

As it can be: What makes you angry?

Hey hey hey!


Good day beautiful people of God.

I’m back….lol. I’m wondering where I went.
Can we just begin from the end?


I remember how mad I was about homeless people in Ghana. Everyday, I complained to my roommate while we walked to school and I kept asking people for numbers I could call to pick people off the streets. There was none.

I’d complain and complain and complain, but God was using that to put something on my heart. The day it got clear that God wanted me to do something about what I had been complaining about, it became another story.

Please note, this was level 100, why would a Nigerian small girl come to Ghana and think she can do anything to cause change there. This reminds me of the message I heard one time I worshipped at House on The Rock. Pastor Paul said that God puts desires in the hearts of believers.


That hit me because I started thinking of things I had done and wish to do that I wouldn’t ordinarily have done. Trust me, my flesh will rather complain than actually do something for the homeless.

Again, I ask, what makes you angry?

I remember my sweet friend in Canada who was angry that people were sleeping without warm meals and sweater in the winter; she shared with me that she wanted to do something but was scared.


My heart leaped when I asked her about it later and she said they had held two of that project and even led people to Christ. Her Church and friends had also helped and I was so proud.

See, the governor might never know your name and thousands of people might not send you gifts to thank you, but you can still do something!

I HATE when people drop things on the floor. I’m sorry, but it just makes me feel they need to be spanked. I’ve volunteered for a clean up project before and though I might not be able to start a recycling company, I WILL not drop things on the floor. That is what makes me angry and I AM doing something about it.

Do you get me?

Do something about what pisses you off, no matter how small.

If you claim you hate corruption, don’t accept bribe in your office.
If you claim you hate mean leaders, be merciful to those under you.
If you claim you hate seeing homeless people, prepare food for one and give him/her some clothes.
If you claim to love Nigeria, stop speaking negatively about her.

You may not be able to do as much as you’d like, but you never know the opportunities that await when you do something.

The government has it’s responsibilities and roles, but so do you.

Do something about what you’re complaining about.

What makes you angry?
I hope you do something about it



  • Mide

    Hmmmn what can i do? I hate seeing people fight adults especially , public fight between drivers, conductors and sometimes passengers, i’m amazed at how grown adult will just start punching themselves.
    when i see kids fight, i get closer to the scene and speak to the kids involved.

    hahahaha and i definitely don’t like this “agbero’ (touts) that stop bus asking for money, the way they run after the bus, remove things from the bus when you refuse to pay, have seen one beat a conductor because he didn’t pay, i was angry.

    I did something one day, why i did it, i still don’t know i was scared a little but i put up a bold front, the bus i boarded from yaba to oyingbo was delayed by one of the touts because he didn’t pay, so something was removed from his bus and kept somewhere, while they were arguing i went to where the stuff was kept and dragged it out and the “leader’ was like who are you, and i said why will he be delaying us, so one of the tout was like you are lucky o, its because you are a female, he could have slapped you, i was like slap me, you don’t want to know what will happen, you want government ‘wahala” abi (but i was quite scared sha).

    Nice one Bolaji, see i have written epistle, been a while i dropped a comment.

    • Haha! Thanks for the comment, loved it!
      Haha, who would know that my friend has this other side in her o. Lol. You can pray about this…
      You may be in charge of risks/conflicts/team engagement in a company.
      I know that everyone can’t be into social work like me, but you can find a way to turn your passion into something in the corporate world.
      (Though anyone can volunteer even if few times a year.)

      Thanks again for your epistle. God bless you dear.

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