As it can be: what leap africa is doing.

As it can be: what leap africa is doing.

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If you’re new here, welcome! Wednesdays are for social talks and to showcase how people and organizations are doing great things to make Nigeria and Africa better.

Today’s spotlight is on LEAP AFRICA, an organization started by Mrs. Ndidi Okonkwo Nwuneli, MFR, 14 years ago before the age of 30.

What I love most about the founder was that she had the option to stay in the U.S but came back home to work in the social sector. (This is not to say that those outside the social sector aren’t great or patriotic.)



I remember my friend asking me why I loved Nigeria so much after she saw the straw-made Nigerian flag I had hung in my room. I didn’t have a specific answer, but I do know that I love my country and know without doubt that it will live to truly be the GIANT OF AFRICA.

Mrs. Ndidi was and is very interested in the Nigerian youth. She didn’t leave Nigeria be, but used her acquired knowledge to start an organization that will stand the test of time. Interestingly, the LEAP staff and volunteers also run with this vision; because SOMEONE started and saw potential, instead of problems.

Imagine going to work everyday knowing that your ‘official’ work makes the Nigerian youth better. Haha. Even though my work was ‘little’ compared to the work of the staff when I interned with LEAP AFRICA, I still felt a sense of joy going there. I was inspired as I watched the people everyday, improving and developing things to foster mindset shift among the youth, students, teachers and workers of Nigeria.

LEAP impacts lives in 3 major ways: YOUTH LEAP, BUSINESS LEAP & eLEAP. As the names imply, the YOUTH LEAP focuses on the Nigerian youth (with those in public schools as the major target) and how to change their mindsets on what true leadership means. At LEAP, I learned that there’s nothing like a bad leader, you’re either a leader or you’re not! A bad leader isn’t a leader in the first place, because of the attributes a leader ought to have.

Business Leap helps and teaches small business owners how to build sustainable systems and what it takes to thrive as a small scale business in Nigeria. Their annual flagship C.E.O’s forum is the major event for Business Leap. Don’t even try to miss it next year.

e-Leap is LEAP’s e-world that focuses on how they can use the internet to foster change and use their courses to teach and reach audiences from far and near.


Do you know where your idea can be in the next 10 years?

Why are you so afraid to do something?

As I always state, I know that everyone cannot be in the social space. We need people in every sphere of life, but no matter the path you’re in, you can support those already in the social space by volunteering or donating.

In my Africana class today, we read a speech that I loved. In it, the speaker quoted a famous African man who said “Indeed, China will produce the Africa we want.” He disagreed with this and said- “China will produce the Africa that China wants!”

It’s impossible to help a people without the help of the people themselves because the ideologies, cultures and motives are never the same, everyone has different backgrounds.

Will you rather complain or do something to make your community better?

I hope and pray that Wednesdays posts here will encourage you to see a bigger picture of what life in Nigeria (Africa) can be. I hope that you embrace volunteerism and that your love for change compels you to actually DO SOMETHING.

Love always,


Website: leapafrica.org 

Instagram: @LeapAfrica

Twitter: @LEAPAfrica

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