As it can be: What AYECI Africa IS DOING.

As it can be: What AYECI Africa IS DOING.

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I remember how I had gone round looking for internship at “big” oil companies last year. None called me back and I didn’t want to sit home doing nothing for 3 months.

A friend then linked me with the Executive Director of AYECI Africa and after an interview, I joined the family. I can say without doubt that my internship here was what stamped my love and respect for social development.

I had come to Ghana intending to study Strategic Communications, but I felt God leading me to Development Communications after level 200. My internship with an NGO made it clear that my desire to do something in the development space had grown and I couldn’t ignore it.

AYECI Africa is geared towards both the old and the young, though the focus is mostly on young people in public Secondary Schools.
Imagine going to work every day knowing that it’s to better someone’s life. The Educate-a-Community project focuses on giving the aged an opportunity to learn how to read and write. Statistics show that Children with literate parents (Mums) are more likely to gain and complete their education up till University level.
I remember few days when I’d be asked to go to the Centre at Ikorodu and see how the classes were going. It was fascinating to see women in their 30’s, 40’s and even 70’s make out time to learn so they could be better business women & also help their children with school work.

Anyway, AYECI Africa is doing something about the change we all seek in Nigeria, what are you doing?

What I’ve learned most from this organization is that “collaboration is the new competition”. They work with other organizations to fulfill the purpose of the NGO.

You want to change your community?

Then you must be willing to collaborate and partner with organizations and individuals with similar motives and desires.

Ifeoma Adichie, the ED, started volunteering and mobilizing students like her while still in school. She didn’t know she’d end up being significantly in the social space at that time, but she refused to just complain and pass by problems.


Do something! Anything that will change someone else’s life.
Don’t make everything all about you when you clearly see the need for change in your community.

You don’t have to have a company or organization before doing social work. One of my dearest sisters is planning a Christmas project already, where they’re putting together small packs that will contain toiletries and few other essentials that people generally need so they can give people in need.

AYECI Africa is doing something.

AYECI Africa in collaboration with Microsoft hosted the annual DigiGirls annual day.
AYECI Africa in collaboration with Microsoft hosted the annual DigiGirls annual day.

What will you do?

Love always,

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Follow @AYECIAfrica on Twitter and Facebook. Contact them to volunteer if you’re in Lagos or close to Ikeja. Trust me, you’d enjoy your time there!


You’re blessed and highly favoured. Do have a fantastic time ahead.




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