As it can be: How Jeison Aristizabal redefines disability in Colombia.

As it can be: How Jeison Aristizabal redefines disability in Colombia.

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You all know I have extra water for my eyes and the waterworks came last night as I watched the CNN heroes and heard their stories.

Jeison Aristizabal is from Colombia and had an illness after birth that affected his brain which resulted into cerebral palsy. But his mother was not ready to give up on him and raised him to believe he was like every kid on the block, while caring for his special needs.

As he grew, he saw the gap in the society and how special needs children were marginalized, so he decided he was going to do something! He didn’t just see the children as they were, but as they could be.

He started small and worked with therapists and teachers to help special needs children. That small thing he started grew to become a whole school that retained its therapy sessions to help the children be as independent as they possibly can; all for FREE.

He did not set out thinking “Oh, I have to help because I want to be CNN hero one day”; he just knew he wasn’t going to sit back and let special needs children go through some of the things he went through.

All 10 CNN heroes for the year 2016 were given 10,000 dollars each to expand their work; but when Jeison was named CNN hero of the year, I couldn’t hold back my tears of joy and pride! The man drives and is soon to be a lawyer to help change laws and policies to favour people with special needs in his country.




His mum burst into tears when they called him and you could see many others who were in tears. It got me thinking…
This guy got here because of God and because his mother refused to give up on him.

When you read ‘Outliers’ by Malcolm Gladwell, you’d realize that this thing called ‘success’ is never a one-man thing. It happens as a result of many opportunities and chances gifted to someone by others. For this man, his mum was definitely one of his angels and now, he has become an angel to and for many.

Will you say you’ve given people opportunities and chances that have helped them become better?
Or is life all about you and your ‘goals’?

Are you waiting for things to change in a particular area?
Or are you going to do something about it?

I hope Jeison’s story inspires you to see things as they can be, not as they are because every problem is an opportunity for change and growth.

Love always,






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