Are they really the problem?

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Have you ever taken time to think if they really are the problem?

Something happened with my phone that taught me a very valuable lesson. (I know, I get lessons from everywhere!)

I had become somewhat worried as to why my network was so slow. I mean, I never saw ‘H’ on my phone, which meant it never connected to 3G. Ever!

I use Vodafone for internet in Ghana and I had called them countless times to complain!
They had even taken me through every step I could take to make my network much better, but it never worked.

I then decided it was time to go face them myself. Only for me to be shocked when I finally went to their office.

The problem wasn’t my sim! It was an internal problem. The problem itself, was my phone!

It couldn’t (still can’t) connect to 3 and 4G. It only does EDGE.

What a bummer, right?

Then I realized that many people behave like me as regards my phone.

They blame outside sources and never look within to check if the problem is from them.
I’ve met people who complain, huff & puff about how people don’t like them. I mean, it almost seems like there’s not a single person who’s their loyal friend. It makes me wonder…

Are external factors really the problem?

You see, sometimes we’ve got to realize that the problem may be from our phones, which means, the problem may be us!

I remember when I didn’t like my mum very much (teenage issues) and how we were always quarrelling.

Then I met God and He started teaching me that all the problem wasn’t from my mum! I also had a huge chunk of the blame too. My mum still isn’t perfect, but I’ve realized that I also am imperfect.

I think it’s healthy to do some ‘internal audit’ often to reevaluate ourselves! It helps us become better people.
Doing this sort of audit may allow us realize that sometimes the problem isn’t the sim (external); it’s the phone(an internal problem).

Some even believe all lecturers hate them and that’s why they get bad grades. Ehm, are external factors really the problem?

I’m not saying that external forces don’t sometimes conspire to work against us; I’m saying it’s not ALWAYS so.

I found out my phone was the real problem, not my sim. And that has allowed me understand that sometimes I’ve got to check myself; instead of always blaming others or ‘those from my village.’

Really, are external factors really the problem?

I hope you enjoyed reading. I apologize again that I couldn’t post The Word on Monday. Forgive me.

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