App recommendation: YouVersion.

App recommendation: YouVersion.

Hey hey hey

I know most people would have heard or even have the YouVersion Bible app on their phones, but I just discovered a fantastic side of it that I have to share.

Shout out to my sister and friend, Tolu, for recommending the ‘Compare’ function of the app to me. She compares English scriptures with Yoruba and it drives the point home well. See, nothing like getting revelation in your dialect. (You can also compare different English versions for better understanding).

I know this wasn’t a coincidence. I had told another friend how I wanted to learn to read Yoruba better. I can speak but I’m very slow at reading and writing. I also want to learn to pray and call God’s names in Yoruba. Sometimes, English just isn’t enough when I want to praise.
Anyway, I didn’t tell Tolu and somehow it came up in our conversation on Christmas day.

That was what I spent my night time doing…comparing some verses in English and Yoruba. I woke the next day, told Jesus how much I loved Him and started comparing some of my favorite verses again.

When I read Psalm 23 in Yoruba!!! Gloryyyyyy.



Oluwa ni Oluso aguntan mi. Omi ki yoo se alaini!

If you aren’t Yoruba, please check if your language is on YouVersion so you can also download, read and learn.

YouVersion isn’t great because of this function alone, it by far is my best Bible app. You can also connect with friends and see what verses, devotionals, etc they’re currently reading. You can bookmark, highlight, make notes and also make pictures out of scriptures on the app.
How cool is that?

You can connect with me on YouVersion, my name is Mobolaji Olorisade there.

Thank me later.

Tolu, you’re a gift. Thank you for sharing this with me. 😘😘😘 Ghost reader you.

Love always,



You guys, a special Christmas/New year gift will be released on the blog soon. Can’t wait to share it with you. I’m only certain that this mini-ebook will bless you because it has first blessed me.

Can’t wait!

Remember to share Jesus this season and beyond, and bless someone in need too.

God bless!


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