App recommendation: Google Keep

App recommendation: Google Keep

Hey hey hey!

Good day to you, dear one. I hope you have peace and joy that flows like a river?

I was asked yesterday by a friend ‘how I do what I do’. That question got me laughing because it was ironic, since I’ve been thinking of how I need to manage my time better.

But you know, most times, the devil makes us think we don’t get anything right at all. It wasn’t until yesterday when I was asked how I juggle school, blogging, writing, editing, local church and work that I thought…wait, do I do all of those? Lol.

Trust me, this is written in all humility because I know that I can do much better if I manage my time well. (I spent sometime unfollowing many on Instagram so that my time there will be shorter since that’s the app I tend to ‘sleep’ on).

Anyway, you might be wondering what all the story above has to do with today’s title. I don’t know if there’s a correlation too. Lol. But I need to share how I get most of my writing done.

I’ve talked about GOOGLE KEEP in a post before but I haven’t talked about it since I started the recommendation posts.



If you can see the date on this picture, you’d see 2015. I think the real reason KEEP is the best for me is that everything I write is always safe, even if I change phones. As long as your email is connected to your phone, once you use it to ‘activate’ apps on a new Google phone, your articles on KEEP will be there when you download it again.

It’s helpful for everyone really. You can make art, to-do lists, write articles, make voice-notes, add pictures, etc.



Plus, you can be anywhere without internet and still write things so you don’t forget. Imagine if I had to first write all my articles on paper and then transfer to the blog or social media…ain’t nobody got time for that.
It would have made me less efficient and clumsy, so KEEP to the rescue!

Trust me, this app isn’t for writers alone because I believe everyone needs to write things one way or the other. You can use it as a prayer journal or any other type of journal and be sure that your words will always be safe.

If you’re using an android phone, just check Google Play store for Google Keep. Download it and start making use of this app that helps me get things (writing) done. Lol.

Have a peace-filled time ahead,

Light and love,




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