I am Christ’s Creative and I get to express this in many different ways.

My core is found in my love for Jesus (He first loved me) and for five years, omobolaji.com was simply a blog. In that time, I shared many lessons I learned as a young University student and believer.

As I matured, I knew I wanted to recreate my site to show my different sides. I am a multitalented and multi-passionate creative and here’s where I finally get to go all out.

I am a teacher/trainer/educator and I totally love helping you build a successful career where you see tangible results from your personal growth.

In 2019, I trained over 160 people on a closed community called Baobab Careers; how about we reach more people and train 5000 people in the year 2020!

Welcome to my HQ where I share useful and relevant tools to help you build a career that you love and enjoy.

When I’m not teaching career and personal development or coaching clients, I’m teaching on how to build a formidable brand and the importance of storytelling in business or creating/implementing communications plans for personal and corporate brands.

I’m great at this and it’s because of my sincere passion in seeing people get better and grow. With testimonials from some of the people I’ve worked with, you’re in good company!

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