This blog contains my belief on faith, our worth as humans and the lessons that I learn being human.

I had gone out for altar call several times and it was like it just wasn’t working. I kept going back to who I was which I knew Christ did not approve of. Now I know it was because I was trying to get Christ with my own strength. I mean, who can know Christ if Christ doesn’t know them?

Gradually though, I stopped using my human sense and just tuned in to God’s frequency of grace and then it happened. Not in front of a congregation or my friends, but alone in a room where I finally said the short prayer I had said several times during altar calls. “Jesus, come into my life and be my Lord. Take absolute control and from now on let’s be friends.”

Here, I share things I’ve learned from that friend since then and how though I’m still very much imperfect, He loves me.

He loves you too and we’ve been waiting for you to join our family. Friend, let’s grow together.




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