The Word – Impossible…

The Word – Impossible…

For nothing is impossible with God.
For there is nothing that God cannot do.
Luke 1:37 (NIV & GOODNEWS).

It was supposed to be impossible that a virgin will ever get pregnant. In fact, it does not make ‘human’ sense that it ever did happen. I guess that’s why verse 37 was chipped into Mary’s story. Jesus’s story actually. To remind us whenever we start to doubt things that don’t make ‘human’ sense, that to God, impossible is nothing!

I have had the idea to ask friends what Christmas means to them and I’ve done like 2 or 3 videos on my phone. It’s been really funny asking people. I haven’t done one where I say what Christmas means to me yet, because I thought to study the birth of Christ again. I finally did.

Before I did though, someone in that story had been on my mind for a while! Mary, my namesake.

I am currently reading about 5 books on the e-library on my phone. Joel Osteen’s ‘Your best life now’ is one of them. In the last chapter, I read a lot about seeing ourselves as the favoured of God and to constantly declare God’s favour upon our lives; everything & everyone that concerns us. And then Mary came to mind again, because I remembered this – ‘But the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid Mary, you have found favour with God.” Verse 30.

A question has been on my mind too, Why Mary?
I’m sure there were many sweet young virgins in Nazareth, but Why Mary?
I do not know why I am suddenly interested in Mary’s story, but I know this is how God teaches me. I went in search of the story of Jesus, and He let me see Mary’s story too.

I will definitely write about what He has taught me about the birth of Jesus. Beautiful story. It’s always going to be about Him. His name ‘Jesus’ is so significant, but today, let’s pause and look at Mary.

Pastor Sam Ore came to The Ambassadors (My Ghana family/ Church) last week and preached on a lot of deep stuff! One particular thing I remember him saying is that we should ask God questions. He didn’t mean ask God ‘Why?’ when things don’t go our way. He said to go to God like we will our earthly parents and ask Him questions. I guess that’s why I’ve been asking Him ‘WHY MARY?’

I do not know if Mary constantly spoke positive things into her life before that day. I do not know if she continually professed favour.
But I do know why God chose her now.
And this is the answer- For there is nothing that God cannot do. (Verse 37)
If that isn’t the perfect answer, then I don’t know what else is!

What He has taught me in asking that question overtime is that, He can do & undo!
He does what pleases Him without reproach. He chose Mary because He chose Mary. That’s His answer.
Just the way He chose you and I because He chose us!

Jesus is the superstar in Mary’s story. No doubt.
But it will forever be impossible to talk about the birth of Jesus while leaving Mary totally out.
And that’s it right there. He wants us like Mary, to always be included in His story!

Don’t pass this earth without being included in that story. As you live life daily, remember to be included in His story! He has chosen us; not because we deserve it, but simply because He has chosen us.

We will run mental trying to figure out why. Let’s just stick to the fact that we are chosen. Forever Chosen. And like Mary we ought to be singing-
“My heart praises the Lord;
My soul is glad because of God my saviour,
For He has remembered me, his lowly servant!
From now on all people will call me happy,
Because of the great things the Mighty God has done for me.
His name is holy;
From one generation to another
He shoes mercy to those who honour Him.
He has stretched out His mighty arm
And scattered the proud with all their plans.
He has brought down mighty kings from their thrones.
And lifted up the lowly.
He has filled the hungry with good things,
And sent the rich away with empty hands.
He has kept the promise He made to our ancestors,
And has come to the help of His servant Israel.
He has remembered to show mercy to Abraham and all his descendants forever!”
Verses 46-56


Why Mary? Why you? Why me?
Because God can do as He pleases!
Amen? Amen!

As in, I feel this Holy Ghost joy in me as I finish writing! Isn’t it incredible the love & mercy of our God? Truly, He’s unsearchable!

Please & please, do share lessons in the comment box! Comments are always appreciated and very insightful too.
Share with a friend. Pray for yourself & family. Pray for friends.

Father, we do not exactly know why you have chosen us, but we rejoice in you! We rejoice in knowing you. As a family today, we say THANK YOU! Thank you for your birth because that it where everything started. You are the reason we live. We rejoice in you this season and beyond. We love you so much Lord! We love you!
Can I say our ‘inside’ statement- God bless you, God! God bless you!

Have a fulfilled season ahead! Stay true to your goals even as the year runs out.

My writer friend (for your mind o) Oyindamola Ajayi-Bembe will be sending in a PraiseLetter this week. A bird told me she was crying while writing it. Lol. It’s titled- The Imperfect me. Please, stay tuned!
I apologize for my absence last week. I started exams. I’m sorry! I’d be finishing this week, but posts will go up! Say a short exam prayer for me!

Love always,


  • Distinguished

    “For there is nothing that God cannot do,”… if that isn’t a perfect answer, then I don’t know what else is ” Great insight Bolaji!

    It’s so good to know that God loves us so much that He sent His only son to be born as man and die for our sins. We will truly run mental trying to figure out why.

    All I can say is thank you Lord for choosing me!

    God bless you always hun for sharing your insights. Success is yours in the exams you’ve written and in the ones to come this week. Keep Excelling.

    Merry Christmas in advance… xoxo

    • I tell you! Christianity requires a lot of faith because we believe in things that can make ordinary men run mental! How do you explain why God sends His only son to die for us, knowing fully well that we don’t deserve it o. Woo, my sister, let’s just thank Him for it! Rather than trying to understand!

      Thank God for choosing us! We’re ever grateful!
      And God bless you for sharing your thoughts too! Amen to success and excelling!

      Hohoho! Merry Christmas babe! Love you!

  • Chukwuma

    Why Mary? Uhmm uhmm, let me think!
    To not break my head, the angel already told us some basic fact that stood out which might be ‘a reason’. He said, ‘hail Mary . . . Highly favoured’. Sorry for not completing that statement (here Luke 1:28.), but i believe you got my point there, its favour. Divine favour. I think to receive a supernatural, there must first be the process of FINDING FAVOUR WITH GOD. That is why in the old testament when the people at that time seek to get something from God or even the kings, they would start by saying, ‘if i have found favour in your eyes’ before they proceed to make their request.
    You might not know when or how it will happen. So for us not to miss out when it happens like to Mary unexpectedly, we must be people of faith. Heb 11:6.

    It was a nice read as usual, Bolaji. Have a great week ahead, I wish you success in your exams, have a nice celebrations.

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