6 Lessons from My First Paid Online Class (For Trainers, Course Creators & Creatives)

6 Lessons from My First Paid Online Class (For Trainers, Course Creators & Creatives)

I have held multiple free classes and this past weekend, I held the first paid online class as The Skillup School (a community where I share resources to help professionals succeed at work).

Here are six lessons from my experience:

Partnerships are great – I had planned on hosting the first paid class on my own but soon changed my mind and partnered with Tope Babaoye (my friend who taught on how to successfully switch careers). Every time I felt discouraged about something, I could draw from Tope’s strength. She shared the flyers often, used storytelling to push to her audience and that reminded me not to slack as well. After the class, Tope sent this to me and it made me even more thankful that I partnered with her to do this. “It’s not even about the money, honestly. You made me tick something off my bucket list and new year goals. Something I was so scared to do, only to find out I really enjoyed it.” She proceeded to pray for me and that meant a lot. Are you looking to host a class or do something you’ve never done before? Why not think of someone great to partner with, that way, you’ll not need to do all the work on your own.

No one owes you anything – You will be tempted to be upset with your friends who did not share your flyer or those who promised to attend but disappointed you, but remember that offence will do you no good. A couple of my friends had promised to be part of the class but guess what? None of them did. I remember one day, I was upset with someone about this and Holy Spirit gently told me “No one owes you anything”. I still struggle to accept that statement but it did me a lot of good. I became so thankful whenever anyone shared the flyer on their stories or page. They did not have to attend and the fact that they shared meant a lot to me. When hosting a paid class, take the focus off your friends and remember this – they are most likely not your target market.

Focus on your target market and have a marketing budget if you can afford to – I did not have a marketing budget but reached out to an influencer who helped me share a bit about the class. That generated more buzz than I expected and most of the people who attended came from this influencer. For my next class, I will definitely budget for marketing so I can get even better results. You can be doing really great stuff, but if you do not market it, people who should attend will not know. Focus on using the best marketing strategy for the service you render in order to get the best results.

Share the flyer and other info until the class ends – I learnt this from my friend and I am so thankful I listened. This was a two-day class and after Day 1 was done, I shared the flyer on my WhatsApp stories. To my surprise, someone sponsored someone to attend Day 2 and also get access to Day 1 materials. I was shocked, to be honest. I’ll have thought that everyone who wanted to pay for the class will do so before Day 1. So, do you plan on facilitating a class soon? Don’t stop sharing your flyers until you’re done done. Even after, still share! I’ve had people reach out to me for the replay of the class and I look forward to getting alerts for those too. Lol.

Interact with participants and let them know if any issues occur – The class was scheduled to begin at 8pm on a Friday, but I was stuck in traffic at that time (Lagos will not put me in trouble!) We reached out to everyone and asked for their permission to move the class to 9pm but by 9pm, I was still stuck. Tope helped call everyone to explain (see the power of my number one lesson) and we had to move it to Saturday and Sunday. Thankfully, they all preferred Saturday to Friday anyway. I am so glad I didn’t keep mute about what was going on because that will have definitely upset participants. But remember, mistakes that few people can take will not be the same situation for a large number. You can’t pacify 5000 people the way you can pacify 50. Fail small and learn from your experiences. 

Finally, just do it – I know, you want to get the fancy gadgets first or get the home office you dream about so you can show participants that they’re paying a correct teacher, but you don’t need all those things yet. Start with what you have. We used the Zoom app and facilitated the class from the comfort of our homes. All we needed was a laptop and internet and it worked excellently well with participants actively asking questions and making comments. At some point, my dear laptop was even hanging (just for a few seconds though). Lol. But here I am, super thankful I did it afraid and did it with gadgets I already had! Now, unto the next one.

I enjoyed the process and I look forward to many more opportunities to teach like this one:

I am facilitating a class on FarmRecruits’ platform on the 20th of March, 2020 and it’s super easy to register and affordable too! See flyer for details or call 08063075870 for more info.

Hope this helps!

Love and light,

Mobolaji Olorisade.

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