Lagos living; Ibadan sleeping!

Good Thursday Morning!

Pls don’t be mad at me. This post was ready since yesterday but I leave for school today and had some packing to do!(Say a prayer for me as a new session starts.) This has been the most exciting break for me because I got to do a lot of things I love. Hopefully, next long break will be much better.

My people my people! How body?

Hope your body dey kampe like mine!(Hope your body is strong) Lol

My belle dey pain me o.(My stomach is paining me)😄 And it’s not from overeating o. I’ve been exercising and trying to eat healthy.

Some days I succeed, some days I don’t!

However, I’ve had a bit more energy. I don’t pant as much as I used to after walking/climbing steps.

Anyways, this post isn’t really about me getting fit(for Christmas); it’s one that will probably resonate more with people living in Lagos.

I went to Ibadan(the capital of Oyo State, Nigeria) over the weekend to visit my friends. I had the most awesome time!

I left Lagos on Thursday because I wanted to have Friday and Saturday to spend time with my people! If I’d gone on Friday, I’d only have Saturday to spend with them and I didn’t want that. 

Guess what though, that’s exactly what still happened. I only went out on Saturday.

And what did I spend my Friday doing, you might ask. I spent it sleeping!

Lagos living; Ibadan sleeping!


I just couldn’t resist o. I woke late on Friday and there was absolutely no noise around! I couldn’t hear traillers(big trucks) horning or drivers shouting. I could only hear the peace that came with a quiet environment.

Has that ever happened to you before?

You go someone to “chill” with friends, but end up chilling with sleep because you didn’t know your body needed it so much. Lol!

I didn’t have enough time to spend with all my friends on Saturday, but seeing their faces brought a childlike joy to my heart! And that’s enough for now.

If you’re wondering how I got to have many friends living in Ibadan, it’s because I attended my secondary school there.😁 The greatest school ever; The International School, University of Ibadan.

Pls, don’t even argue. Lol.

 I always tease friends to move to Lagos immediately after University, but most of them don’t want to. They say Lagos wahala too much. Lol 

For me however, I’m content going to see them once in a while. Lagos is home.(At least for now).

Plus, if I moved to Ibadan, they’d not miss me again and might not even have my time. Lol 

Going once in a while makes them cherish me more I guess. Lol. 

I told my friend Babatunde that I wanted to climb a mountain when I see them and he asked if I’d finished climbing the mountains in my life! Looool! My friends are crazy. 

I reject it sha o. 

That’s just what I wanted to share today o. Nothing too serious.

Just my Lagos living, Ibadan sleeping life. Lol.


Plus, there’s this thing I noticed I like doing o. I like to listen to conversations while waiting for/moving in a bus.

Today, two women talked about traillers and how they’ve been killing people anyhow. 

Did you hear of the one that fell from Ojuelegba bridge and mashed a jeep with people in it? 

Sad story. 

And this keeps happening because there’s no strict law on movements of this traillers/tankers. You’d even see some that don’t use anything to hold the huge tank in place. So it is very dangerous.

Something ought to be done about this. Something must be done!

No I’m not a gossip, I’m a communications student.😁

What’s your opinion on these traillers? The women also said that these traillers have been told to only move at night but they don’t adhere. Sigh.

It is well.


I think I enjoyed sharing this today. 

Do you mind me sharing more stories I hear? 

Let me know! 

Have an amazing day!

And stay away from traillers.

I love you plenty.


The lady who lives in Lagos, but sleeps in Ibadan.(And schools in Ghana.)

Lol! I’m silly!


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