5 things and people I currently love.

5 things and people I currently love.

Hey hey heeey…

Here are 5 things and people I currently love.

  1. Steven Furtick! I’ve been watching more of his messages. I have been following him on Instagram for a while now, but his messages have really blessed me. I listened to one to end my birthday on the 17th and it really was a message I needed. Especially because God had given me 1 Timothy 6:6 as a word for my new age. Godliness with contentment is great gain.

Watch the message here



2. Wives and wives-in-waiting group on WhatsApp.


This group was started by Sis Feeyi Okupe. She’s been a huge blessing and the group has been a HUGE blessing to me too. We bring up any and everything in that group. What makes it amazing is that the wives in the group are so helpful in sharing information. LOL. They don’t share explicit stuff o, but they let you see marriage from the believer’s perspective. All that butterfly in the stomach feeling doesn’t hold a marriage o. Only God leads you both. Interestingly, I love how they share how prayer has always been their weapon. They even use it to change their Husband’s minds on many issues. No need for argument, when you can go on your knees about it.


3. Meeting friends and sisters from the internet.

Interestingly, I was invited to WWIW (Wives and wives in waiting) by my sis Toyin and I’ve never met her before. I don’t know if it’s from the blog or Social Media, but I’ve been interacting with awesome people lately. I love to meet like-minds, so it has been great connecting with people. Aramide, Nimmie, Tolulope, Deba…

Some are people from my Secondary school and it’s been funny. Nimmie told me she liked me in I.S.I and I was surprised. I think that’s the first time I’ve heard that. I was mean, so I don’t often meet people who liked me. God has been connecting me with Christ-like fun people lately and I loooove it.



Letters to our Fathers 2-1

[ddownload id=”1350″]

This cover actually tells a story. I am a lover of black and white and I like how this turned out. If you can give a close comment on the idea behind this cover, you’d get a free copy when the full book gets published. Or, you can translate what the cover means to you as well. Plus, if you’ve not downloaded the pre-release copy, you should. I’m sure it’d be a blessing. If you’ve downloaded and read it, please, don’t be shy to message me on what it meant to you. If you learned even one lesson, you can share it.


5. My sister’s Zaron matte lipstick. LOL. This is a big deal to me because I don’t know much about makeup, but I really like how long-lasting this lipstick is. Even after I eat ewa-goyin (beans) and bread, it stays loyal.



That’s it!


Finally, I’m officially inviting you for our TWTW meeting in July. Whoop whoop.

I’ve never been around for one and I’m already famzing. TWTW means The Women at The Well and it’s a community of ladies who love Jesus. If you’re in Lagos, please don’t miss this. We’re meeting at the Lekki Conservation Centre. It’s 1k per head to have access to the place. Please, send a mail to 4thewomenatthewell@gmail.com for more information. It holds on July 30th, 2016.

My sister Frances is our oga-at-middle, God is the Oga-at-the-top of TWTW. Ask her any question you have because I’m a newbie like you too. She’s Frances Okoro on all Social Media and is very relatable.


Do have a great time ahead.

Love always,



  • Michael

    Wow wow wow. I gotta say this again and again. In short, the Lord bless you and your ministry and cause you to make life changing impacts in this generation. I have taken only about 20mins here but am really blessed beyond words. God bless you Omobolaji.

    • Wow. Glory to God! He alone takes the praise.

      Amen and amen to your prayers. I pray we all serve God in our respective ‘lanes’.

      God bless you. And welcome! We’re glad to have you as family.

  • Aramide

    Thank you B!!!(in Frances’ voice) for this post. Thanks for the video, i have not heard of him but am definitely going to watch the video and learn.

    I am interested in joining the group.

    Its been great connecting with you too Bolaji. Its been amazing how God has been connecting me with people and how i “stumble” on christian blogs that speaks to me.

    hmmn! my guess on the cover will be that the black represents the past, those characters and behaviours that has been exhibited in the past with ignorance and the rest, the white means there is still opportunity to write a beautiful story, to be a good father, that is the slates has been wiped clean. now write your beautiful present and future in those pages.

    oya share the zaron matte lipstick to my side too, a color pink or red will do for me.*winks*

    and yeah the meet is tomorrow!!!

    • I think you’d love him! Haha.

      I’d message you privately about the group. And of course, it’s been awesome knowing you!!!
      Wow. Your guess on the book is deeeep o. Lol. You came close and I’d let you know if you got close enough to win a free copy. Lol.

      As for the lipstick, as it’s not mine bayi 🙁 LOL.

      See you tomorrow!!! Can’t keep calm. Hey hey heeeey

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