5 lessons learned from our book launch.

5 lessons learned from our book launch.

Hey hey hey!

I’ve missed this home. πŸ’ž If you couldn’t make the launch, here are 5 lessons I learned from our book launch. More will be up later…


1. Don’t put your heart in the numbers:


When the book launch started, I was kinda sad because many people couldn’t make it. I saw my sweet Aunty Salt at a worship meeting yesterday. (Frances, thank you!) I shared how I felt with her and in few minutes, what she said made me realize somethings. The devil has a way of making us shift perspective from what’s truly important to unimportant stuff. A change of perspective was what I needed.

2. God doesn’t share His glory:


“All the glory must be to the Lord. For He is worthy of our praise…” Was the song on my lips few days before the launch. And as I got home after the launch and sang it again. I strongly heard- ‘You got the glory!’
I started thinking that what did God mean by that? I didn’t get.
I understand better now. I lost focus on some things, especially when we started, but I relaxed and enjoyed the event towards the end…
I guess my mistake was that I didn’t get a verse before the event. I should have…


3. My friends are AWEZOME:

Thank you Tanitoluwa!πŸ’—
Thank you Tanitoluwa!πŸ’—



Tani came the night before from Akure. Faidat came from Ife. My senior from secondary school surprised me at the end. Fareey came before the event with her mum. Tolu got to the centre before me. Keji couldn’t finish fellowship because of me. Jola brought a huge cake. (This got me emotional.) TWTW people took over! Lol. (I’m kidding.) People that couldn’t make it called and prayed. A junior from secondary school called before and after the event! Bukunmi rushed in after his event. Bukunmi (lady) came even though we’d only been friends on Instagram.
Though I REALLY open up to few people, I’m glad I have been blessed with people that love me, as imperfect as I am.
I remember how I used to pray for Godly and good friends when I just got born again. God heard and answered me.
4. You’re allowed to make mistakes:


‘Before before before’, the Bolaji I knew would have been beating herself up about all the things that didn’t go as planned. But what about the ones that went better than planned? The chief launcher- Taiwo Akinlami wowed everyone. You can’t hear that man’s story and remain the same!
Molested at 6, having sex as a teenage boy, and then finding Christ! (If you want the whole story, you should have come. Ntoi. Lol)
The beauty of walking with God is that He has lessons for you in every phase. When He asks you to step out to new territories, be assured that lessons are waiting to be learned.


5. God uses people like me:


When I think about this point ehn, I almost always want to cry. Who am I?
I normally don’t like people to know my age, but I am 21. I am a student. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I don’t go to the most expensive schools or places. I still fight with conductors for my change. I’m the last child out of 4 amazing daughters.
I’m not qualified to inspire people if we’re to judge by my age, background, status and family. But God!
Many people have messaged me after the launch telling me how they’ve been working on a thing or two but had been too afraid to share…
If only they knew the story behind this book. Haha. Why does God use people like me?
Sometimes, I don’t even like myself. I remember talking to a friend late one night. I told her how I had started moving away from many people because they brought the worst out of me. But we agreed that God uses situations like that to show us who we really are.
Ahh! My heart scares me sometimes. My mouth shames me many times too.
But like Joyce Meyer said in one of her messages, even when she makes mistakes, she doesn’t feel guilt too long because she knows that God sees her heart.
My heart loves God and wants to serve Him. Many times, I find myself doing what I’d rather not do like Paul, but I KNOW that I love JESUS with an everlasting kind of love. He saved me from myself.
So, when I don’t like myself and He still says- ‘COME. I LOVE YOU.’ It baffles me.
I heard a song this morning- (Don’t try to hold yourself. Just BE HELD.)
That’s what God says to us- “just let me hold you! I’m not asking you to be perfect. I will use you as dirty as you are. The world will look at you and be inspired to have a relationship with me. But come as you are. Just be held!”

Ok ok.. I know this point has become longer than expected, but I’m just in awe.

Why do you think God uses people like me, like us?

He deserves all the glory for the success of this book launch. If you came, please share any lessons you learned. If you didn’t, share a lesson too!



God is raising whole families and He’s starting with you and I. He’s starting with young men and Fathers.

The Unlimited God worship meeting I went for yesterday was too amazing! It was as if God kept drawing Children to the stage. Some of them were crying in worship. The organizer, Olumide Iyun, had a strong word from God over our Children. How they must not make the same mistakes we made…or how we must not make the same mistakes our parents made.

I found myself crying as I prayed for my Children to know Jesus! To serve Him in the perverse world that wants to push the name of Jesus out of everything!

Lord, help us!

If the letters in this book don’t stir you up to become deliberate about your family, then…

A friend of mine messaged me on Twitter and said- “Bolaji, how dare you!” Because she got so emotional after reading the first letter. Biko, no vex. It’s not me that wrote it o. Lol.

Call the numbers on the picture to know how to get yours. There’s discount for those that purchase 10 copies for the young men and Fathers they know. It would be on amazon soon!

Thank you for the love and support.

Love always,



This review of the book is πŸŒ‹πŸŒ‹πŸŒ‹πŸŒ‹πŸŒ‹

LETTERS TO OUR FATHERS: A book review by Tanitoluwa.



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  • Dayo Termas

    Hey Bolaji, I’m glad the book launch went great. I actually planned to come, but it just didn’t work out. I bless God for what He is doing in your life. God bless you.

  • Omobolaji!

    I can relate with you especially with the last point. It was so nice to finally meet you. Although I was a bit shy (haha maybe star struck)

    God bless you so much darling.

    Before I forget you are sooo pretty!

  • Looool on he forgot what he wanted to say at “you are beautiful”.


    I feel like those words from God to you on His glory was pretty deep.
    Wrenched me and stopped me in my tracks for a bit. He is pretty jealous about this, pretty jealous. No one else will share it with Him.. I am suddenly remembering as I type, one time was it Herod? Took the praise from the people and God struck him with sickness, he dies with worms afflicting him.
    Some serious stuff on this glory deal.

    Lord, we return all the glory to you on “Letters to our Fathers”, its all you and none of B.
    I thank you on behalf of this my sister. Thank you Jesus, thank you Lord!

    Congrats B!
    That day was an amazing day for me… maybe because I have learnt too that crowds don’t matter. God was releasing a work to the earth and the witnesses He wanted were the ones who showed up!
    I was ecstatic and joyful at that and for you!

    God bless you and bless you bebe!

    And oh, e go sell and go FAR! RELY ON GRACE!

    *LOve and kisses!

    • He definitely doesn’t share it o! Haha. We give Him all the glory because only He deserves it. Jesus be praised! I’m still in awe of all He did before, during and after the event. Lord, I’m grateful.

      My dear. He has been faithful! Thanks and thanks and thanks for being so encouraging and helpful through it all.
      May you always have destiny helpers and those that back you up in prayers. Plenty love! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

  • Congratulations on the successful launch, sis.
    On your last point: it seems to me that God particularly loves using people that are ‘not qualified’. All He seeks is a willing heart, and He takes care of the rest.
    Thank you.

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