3 simple ways to maximize your time.

3 simple ways to maximize your time.

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Yesterday, we talked a bit about using the rest of the year wisely.

Here are 3 simple ways you can begin to use your time wisely and get more productive.


1. Be a morning person: I hear a lot of people say ‘I’m just not a morning person’. I certainly don’t know what that means. Sometimes, we say things and start to believe them. The best thing you can do for yourself is to wake early and do what needs to be done.

Waking even just an hour earlier than you normally would will go a great deal to help you.
As a student, I don’t even need an alarm clock. My body knows that 6 is my limit, though I usually wake earlier. For me, 6 is already late because classes start by 8. I have to spend time with God, sometimes make something for breakfast and then get ready for school, so 6am is late for me.
What time suites you? You don’t have to be a worker or a student to wake early.
When we just published our book and I was home, I used to leave home when my sister left for work. Selling the books became my work and I used to use that time to make deliveries. Haha. It was stressful, but it was worth it.
Don’t make yourself believe you’re not a morning person. I don’t even know what that means? Is it that you ‘come alive’ at night time?
I also get few things done at night though, so do what works for you…



2. Write things down and check them often: I talked about my KEEP app in this post. I downloaded it again and still had all my articles and lists. I read somewhere that a pen is sharper than the sharpest mind. Even when you set your mind to do things, you’re human and you can forget.
Write them down. See how KEEP looks, you can even draw (scribble things) with your fingers if you don’t have time to write things down like this.



If you’d rather get a journal, get one so you can check if you ever forget what you’re supposed to do in a day.

3. Start with the big things: After you’ve made your list, you’d obviously have some that are more serious than the others. Make a mental scale of preference and start with the big things. Few days ago, I needed to do a couple of things but the first was to drop a letter to use school hall for the Ghana book launch. Though I didn’t get to finish everything on my list for that day, I didn’t feel too bad. Lol. Because I had gotten the big fish out of the way. Another example I can use goes back to the first point. I usually like to exercise early in the day and get it over with. At night, my body obviously may be stressed and I can use that as an excuse. (But I usually enjoy exercises at night too. Bath after and sleep like a baby.) That’s why you should do what works for you, as long as what works for you really works!
I only used activities in my present day to explain. I know that some of us may be executives or presently doing really defining things, just exchange my activities with yours. Brain Tracy advised this point too- to do the big things first. Have you read his book- ‘Eat that frog?’ It’s an interesting read.
When you have a lot to do, why not start with the big and difficult ones?


These are just 3 things you can do to make better use of your time. I’m sure you may have more or already practice some that aren’t here.
What works for you?
Kindly share.

See you tomorrow.

Love always,




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  • To Do List have been of great help to me…. especially since I am not really at a 9-5 though this work is becoming a 9-5 now..been at my laptop since maybe 11. just taking break to check your blog (and I am even here for work, looking around to be able to design my blog).
    Anyway before I digress, TODO lists have been working for me so far. cuz sometimes i ask myself what did i do today? looking at the list and what was crossed out helps my mind to calm down and know I didnt waste the day..

    • I agree! It makes me feel lighter sef, when I see that I’ve gotten things done in the day. It’s important to spend the time we’ve been given wisely. This makes me remember ‘DIE EMPTY’ by Myles Munroe. It doesn’t happen per decade, this change and growth happens every single day.
      God help us to manage time well.

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