26 facts about me.

26 facts about me.

1. I bite my nails. I know it’s very annoying but if you know anyone who does, they’ll tell you how addictive it is.

2. I wake very early at school. Even if I sleep by 4am, I have to be awake latest by 6am even on days I have nothing doing.

3. My favorite colour of nail polish is black!

4. I don’t like powder. Its difficult for me to use either brown or white powder on my face, because I believe I’d still end up cleaning it off when I sweat.

5. I like beans. If cooked well, I can eat it as breakfast, lunch and dinner. But I don’t like how it upsets my stomach.

6. I cry like I have a dam in my eyes. I cry for movies, books, and anything random that provokes tears. I like to cry alone where no one has to ask what’s wrong. Just me and my God. Lol

7. People closest to me say I chew funny, like I don’t have teeth. But I disagree because I think I chew normal!

8. I LOVE plays. I’d rather watch a play than watch a movie.

9. I joined drama group in church this week. I’ve always been afraid to act even though I love watching others, but I finally overcame the fear.

10. I have a lovely voice and can reach whatever note in the comfort of my shower or room. And even though my sister thinks I sing with my nose, God likes it when I sing to Him alone. Haha!

11. I keep my natural hair. I had cut my permed hair and kept my natural hair for about a year, then I permed it again and hated it like nothing else in the world; especially the way it fell flat on my head. So I cut it again and now I’m about 6 months in.

12. I love writing and reading. I’ve not been doing this two as I ought but I’m not complete without them.

I’d rather write a letter to God than even speak.

13. I have a birth mark(shori shori as described by Jennifer) on my left cheek. My mum tried rubbing something off my face sometime back and I laughed so hard because she didn’t know it was my skin she was trying to peel.

14. I have gap tooth. Although, it pains me that as I grow it gets smaller. I hope it’s still there when I’m 50.

15. I don’t know how to share food. Honestly, if you ask my sisters they’d have an epistle to write you about this.  I don’t mind eating theirs without permission but it would take a whole state to beg me to share mine. Lol! I’m praying about it. Pls pray for me too.

16. I don’t like wearing heels. As I matured, my comfort became my topmost desire. Therefore, I’d rather wear slippers, sandals or shoes than heels anywhere. Even though people think I should wear them because they think I’m vertically challenged but I disagree.

17. I carry a back pack to school now. I tell you, it’s so much more comfortable than hand bags.(and no, I’m not a tomboy)

18. I like to make people laugh, make silly faces or dance silly.

19. I’ve never been in a plane before. Never flown. (Well now I have and it was pretty scary!) You can read about it here.

20. I like the colour green and fuchsia pink.

21. I hate wigs with everything in me. I shared my reason on my former blog and might share it here later.

22. I can draw cartoon characters quite well but not human beings.

23. I’m the last of 4 girls. ^.^

24. I was born with six fingers on both my right and left hands. I thanked my mum so much for letting them cut the extra fingers when I saw a woman who still had hers. I know it’s hard to believe but one day if we ever shake hands, you’d feel two tiny things at the side of my hands.

25. Chin-chin owns my heart.(If done well)

26. This isn’t random to me – I’m born-again and I love God.

I hope you now like me as much as I like myself. xoxo

Love, Bolaji.


  • 'MideDaniel

    Its gud to know you are both introvertish and extrovertish by temperament though you look like God…that’s courageous…n sure ure liked …I WS looking for a button to click like bt I found non…funny though
    Permit to say this

    For 1…I think n believe u can have it stopped n u nid to pls.

    For 2…wow I call DAT discipline …thumbs up…the only part left is breaking the record of not slip in at all…bt don’t do DAT o…lol

    For 3…m curious …so if u do 3…do u do 1 alongside?

    For 4…hmmm ure d first im knowing…anyways ur face looks n is perfect with or without…kip it up

    For 5…sory for the upset…m a fan too …I wish o could give a 35steps to stop d upset …lol…but I have a small faith DATs in mark 11:24 try DAT

    For 6…hmmm…am not as gud as you but nt Nigerian movies though…mine is some songs n ofrecent airtel touching lives…bt all of ur list no m nt dat gud …m very shy…ure a pro…

    For 7…from ur smile…I support sentence 2 …u chew normal…lol

    For 8…like seriously…ure sure diff(special) …u probably r an art student…data gud.

    For 9…that’s grand…hmmm so liking forward to seeing u in a movie…that’s courageous …I guess that’s a reason for 8…hmmm

    For 10…that’s vocaldextrous(just in my dic) its a privilege meeting som1 that’s aware of what she does with her voice (music knowledge) … Bt I gues u av to leave ur shower or room…try d church stage … I guess music interviews hosted by u coin d singing will make a register…bt sincerely glad to know u do DAT.

    For 11…I will say again n again thank you for being bold @dat…thank you for being diff. N thank you for being beautiful( m sory in case I wsnt permitted to say that) but thank you.

    For 12…that’s ambidextrous …I am a testifier to that fact…more of His strength!

    For 13…I guess evrybdy does …on ur cheek hmmm iv checkd nw bt its hiding…lol

    For 14…fits u perfectly …don’t wory traces of it lingers-on…ur kids will still see it …so they ll help u extend its presence in their memory files(mum has a cute gap-tooth) …ul kip it longer that way…smiles

    For 15…its a confession…God has heard…just kip to d changing process…ure gud at learning so kip teaching ur hands to let go…though funny…

    For 16…dats healthy (knowing when to swap) …n ure not challenged cos ure not our definition but ure urs n His… Ure gud.

    For 17…be gud…if ure nt Tom-boy….then ure Jerry-girl…

    For 18…yea m a testifier too.…cos I see som fins u write or wrote n I smile we even Nw…like ur gudmonin tweet this monin. Don’t stop…twil help me live longer added to what God has graciously given me…( sory I went personal)

    For 19…hmmm coms wit a special feel…

    For 20…ladies color…dats nice…confirms 17…

    For 21…I repeat my comment for 11…thank u. Hoping to read that…

    For 22…wow…iv nt seen any though bt from ur personality its obvious ( nt for evrybdy) …I hope to see them somdy wen uploaded…I m a cartoon fan…I watch dem sing dia songs sometimes nt often do some sketches esp mickeymouse…gud to know…thumbs up

    For 23…hmmm so ure the grandbaby…dats nice…

    For 24…r u jokin…or serious…?

    For 25…wow … Watchout for one of ur kids… Cos we replicate who we are o…

    For 26…I’m humbled by this that’s the best of who you are … Ur default setting ( even when factory settin is restored) I’m imagining(my dic) God saying “…that’s my baby girl”…

    Glad to know n meet u…n yes again I do like ur personality…its all revolves and is domiciled and domained in God…
    May u always remember who you are (by default) in God.

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