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Hey hey hey!

I want to begin by saying thank you for all the support shown from my last post! It really showed that I didn’t do the wrong thing by sharing it. Plus, the comments! Mahn, when you’re led to do something, don’t hold back o!

You never know who would confide in you and need your help.

Thank you all so much! The love is great!


It’s already the 7th day of Janaury. Time does wait for no one sha. Before we know it, it’d be December 31st, 2016.


Are you going to look back and regret things you didn’t do, or are you going to face everyday like it’s a new opportunity?


January is one of those months that fly by; but even though I’m going to be home for more than half of this month, I’ve decided not to waste any day!


Today’s post is on omobolaji.com’s plans for 2016 and then some of my personal goals too.

I mostly use my phone to post articles, except when I’m at school. And some of you already know the challenge I have with the network on my phone. Well, that’s hopefully going to change soon. This means that omobolaji.com will have more pictures shared!

It pains me every time I want to upload a picture & my phone starts telling me story. Hopefully, we’d be seeing more pictures!


Also, I started doing Voice Notes for my Whatsapp peoples! Lol.

And many replied that it blessed them. They were short messages I felt led to share and I’m hoping I can do more of those and post on the blog too! Videos might also be a new thing on the blog, but I’m not yet quite sure about videos.

Videos will come, maybe not right now, but definitely this year. Voice notes are def from anytime!


Also, guess who’s going to be writing fiction again.

Yeah, you guessed right- me! Lol

I’ve always written fiction (probably from primary school sef, all those short silly ones), but 2015 just wasn’t it for my fiction writing side. It makes me sad now thinking I came 4th position in a writing competition few years back, where I wrote a short funny story on a Lagos ‘Omo-Ishe’ (worker) that forgot the key to his boss’s shop inside the shop.

Lol. That story was so funny.

Anyways. So every Friday, we’d be having fiction on omobolaji.com.

I don’t yet know how they’d pan out. Whether short or serial ones. Let’s see how it goes! (Don’t worry, PraiseLetters wouldn’t be scrapped totally o. We’d have letters too!)


Then there’s this idea that’s been brewing since last year. We shall have another category tagged ‘Writers Connect’. Here, we’d get to meet other bloggers, writers & probably speakers once every month. The last Friday of every month.

They’d be short, captivating & intellectual interviews. I’m hoping these people will span from different works of life- Editors, Writers, Fitness gurus, Speakers & Bloggers.

While putting the prospective list down, I was a bit scared. Lol.


I wonder if all of them will respond, but it’s something I’m going after with full force! Here’s to meeting more likeminds living for Christ this year! Amen? Amen!


The Word & Memoirs nko? Definitely on the 2016 roll too!


So, for personal goals. I can’t share all. 😋

But here are some of mine…


1. Be more serious with Editing!

Yeah, apart from writing, I also LOVE editing other people’s work. My friends sometimes turn me into by force Editor sef (with letters & stories), so I want to learn more & hopefully become a better Editor this year!


2. Hit 50kg & maintain it by July

Ok, so I admit that I haven’t totally been fair to you guys cuz I haven’t shared my fitness journey at all here! I just talk about it briefly and let it slide. Not even a single picture to show progress!

Well, I’m hoping to do better here this year. It’s not an easy walk & if not for God, I’d have just gone back to eating anyhow & not exercising. But it’s been worth it!

Hopefully, I hit my goal weight in July. (My birth month).


3. Read like crazy!

I don’t even want to give myself the number of books to read. I just know I’d take my reading up a notch this year. Amen? Amen!


4. Do short online courses.

Self improvement is important! And I’m not waiting till I finish school to be better. I started one yesterday and it was quite fun. Lol.

I hope to do at least 4 short online courses this year. Amen? Amen!


5. Work at an NGO during my long break. (May- August). So help me God, amen!


6. Bolaji says she’d do business this year 2016! The thing has been itching her body since. She sold clothes at her former institution and made plenty profit, but spent it all.

Her mum has been a business woman since she knew how to reason. She’s always had a business side too.

What exactly to do, she doesn’t quite know yet, but she’d do something!

B will do business this year.

Might not even be the conventional type, but B’s got her mind on business.

Lol. I’m a clown.


7. Finally, the girl wants to see places!

Haha. I remember crying on Kakum in Ghana (it’s one thin rope like this in a Tourist site in Ghana that they asked we big humans to be climbing.) I was super scared.

I want to go out more though. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be scary places. I’d have given myself once a month like Frances, but I’m doing once in 2 months. That’s 6 new places this year. (It may even be a Mr. Biggs in your area that I haven’t entered before. That has to count, right?)

Amen? Amen!


I read on someone’s Instagram yesterday that if your dreams don’t scare you, then they’re not big enough!

Some of my goals scare me like crazy! And I didn’t share all here.

But what’s my anchor for the year?

Luke 1:37

For with God, nothing shall be impossible! 


God, let’s do this!

Together forever!


Love always,



P.S: If you missed our last post, I’d advise you click here to read it now! It will def teach you a lesson or two. And maybe, just maybe, you’d come to the resolution that you want to keep your body for that special man or woman till marriage! Amen? Amen!


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