2015 review- B interviews B.

2015 review- B interviews B.

Me: Hello Mobolaji. Thank you for making out time to be with us today.

Mobolaji: Oh, it’s my pleasure! I actually have been looking forward to this interview.

Me: That’s good to know. We promise not to take much of your time. We just want to know how the year 2015 turned out for you.

Mobolaji: Great. Shall we begin? I might become the interviewer if you’re not careful.

Me: (laughs) Let’s begin. This already is an interesting time. So, Mobolaji. We had this same interview last year and you did have many hopes for 2015. Did the year turn out as planned?

Mobolaji: A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps. (Proverbs 16:9) It’s a good thing I read that verse this morning since it has a lot to do with 2015 as a whole. I would say the year turned out not as planned, but better! Way better!

Me: Hmmm. If 2015 turned out better than you planned, then it must have been a fulfilling year. Please, share some highlights of the year.

Mobolaji: Ok, I could go ahead and pretend that every day was the highlight of the year, but that will be a lie. Though experiences I vividly remember are me starting a proper blog in January, my job during the long holiday, my first sister’s wedding, volunteering as a mentor at a one week camp for young ones and starting GEMGirl Initiative with my roomie.

Me: Why are these the experiences you vividly remember?

Mobolaji: Well, let’s just say I’m not one of those people who store up every memory in every single day of the year. I think I remember things in moments, rather than days. These experiences are those I vividly remember because they were great moments of learning, growing, and loving for me.

Me: Care to explain that even further?

Mobolaji: Ok, my blog is mentioned because it has become a platform where I get to share words God gives me and learn from others too. I have also met awesome people and made godly friends (which was one of this year’s goal) through blogging. I have inspired people and I have been inspired and impacted by other blogs too.

My job is also one I cannot leave out of things I was blessed with in 2015. Do you know that I went about sending my CV to big companies because I wanted big pay? But as the verse I shared above says, God orders our steps. I got the job without having to struggle and the lessons I learned from the organization I worked with cannot be put in words. I grew as a person and learned work ethics. I was also able to blossom because I found myself in an environment where I was nurtured and corrected maturely. In fact, the job stamped my love for social entrepreneurship and has made me promise myself that no matter what, I’d be an awesome boss someday.

Oh, my sister’s wedding! How can I leave that out? Lol. It was such a beautiful experience for my family. Our first girl was moving out. Lol. I sound like I gave birth to her. We’re four sisters and it actually seemed like marriage might steal our sister from us. Thank God the reverse is the case. Without a doubt, my sister’s wedding brought the 4 of us even closer! We created a group for her wedding where we used to talk about wedding plans. But we never deleted it. Months after her wedding, we now even have two groups solely for the four of us and we talk every day! The fact that she married an awesome man and didn’t give us the burden of having a weird brother-in-law is a plus! Of course, the fact that he loves God like my sister sealed the deal.



Volunteering! I tell you that’s my everyday job! Lol. I love to volunteer and be part of social development projects. I was blessed to be a mentor at Activate Youth Camp for a week! Woo, my eye open no be small! Children from different backgrounds and family were brought together and taught to love one another. It was also so much fun! They had facilitators who spoke with them every day, and I learned so many lessons. I can say my life is better from the experience gained from that one week. How can I leave out the awesome people I met! I made friends that I am assured with be very instrumental as God leads me to purpose in life. That’s a plus for Godly friends too!


GEMGirl Initiative is an NGO owned by my roommate and I. We held our first ever project this year where we had a seminar on Breast Cancer and free screening after the seminar. Let’s just say God blew our minds with that project. Many awesome things are in the works. Watch out for GEMGirl in the New Year!


Mahn, I do not know how you interviewers sit and listen to someone for so long! Hope I didn’t bore you with all that info?

Me: Not at all ma’am! I must say you’re a very interesting interviewee. I already can’t wait to have you back here in 2016. Thank you for sharing. You’ve talked about such high moments, any low ones?

Mobolaji: Of course, many sef! I am not super woman o. One I remember well is when I just did not get my relationship with God anymore. I had given myself the goal of finishing the Old Testament part of the Bible this year. And oh, how it bore my time with God! I did not realize that I was actually blocking all that God wanted to teach me at that point because I was so focused on a goal that God did not even give me. It was not about finishing the Old Testament, so I can boast about it. And later, God just asked me plainly- Who send you? Also, my best friend lost her brother few months back and sometimes it’s unbelievable to think he’s gone. Sigh. Thank God for heaven. If there was nowhere to look out for apart from this world, it’d have been a life like a pot of beans.

Let me just chip in here that we’ve got to be mindful of goals that we set for ourselves. Some of them might not be bad, but might not be God’s will as well. Giving myself that goal strained my relationship with God, which of course reflected in my relationship with others. Later, I got tired and dropped the goal abeg. God and I have been inseparable since. We fight (more like I fight), but knowing Him has been the best thing that ever happened to me. He still disciplined me yesterday, but everything is still out of love!

Me: Wow! You really are inspiring. You talk about God like you see Him. Do you see Him?


Mobolaji: Lol. I see Him o! Even the fact that I am here at this very moment is because we see each other. Maybe not physically. I don’t see air, but I sure do believe it’s real! God is even more real than air.

Me: That’s a lovely illustration.

Mobolaji: Thank you. We’re all on a journey. You and I. And God is the one that makes that journey beautiful!
Me: Sure. Anything you’d like to share about 2016.

Mobolaji: See ehn, I’m actually thinking of not giving myself any goals this New Year. Not to be a lazy person but I’d just probably pen down 5 things that cover everything I’d love to be in the New Year. A friend and I have adopted #LiveaLittle2016. You can steal it if you like, because it’s in the little things that big things happen. I’m excited about 2016 though.

Me: I can see that! Any final words before you leave?

Mobolaji: I actually think I’ve said so much already. I’d just say again that once we have God, we’re covered. Every other thing just falls in place when we’re in His will and walking in His purpose for our lives. Things might sometimes not look positive, but EVERYTHING works together for our good! 2015 was/is a year of many blessings and 2016 will even be better!

Me: Mobolaji. Thank you so much for granting this interview. See you next year!

Mobolaji: And thank you for having me! Stay blessed.


LOOOL! Let me confess first, I saw this style of writing on stories.ng where a guy talked about his year in his own interview. I decided to unashamedly steal the style. Lol

I must say, I didn’t know I’d enjoy this so much! I was smiling and being inspired even when I was both the interviewer and the interviewee. I’m a character sha! I just wanted to share how my year went, but in a different way than narrating.

Thanks soooo much for reading! I love you!

How did your year go? Please share your ups and downs with us! We want to be even more inspired.

I’d update this post with more pictures tomorrow! I have an exam in 3 hours and have to run now…
Have a great rest of the year. We’d be back here on Friday!
Love always,


  • I looooooved reading this..in a cab back home and had a smile on my face all the way back…I love you girl!
    So glad blogging/writing for God brought us together…

    And God will blow your mind 2015..you just be a ready instrument for Him to fill you up and use you.
    Love and hugs!

    And oya, we dey wait for you for Naija..

  • Okay here goes the comment again…

    This is a crazy post but in a good way. Haha. I talk to myself too, a lot but I haven’t been as bold as you to interview myself on the blog. This is cool by the way and I’m so glad you’ve learned so much and keep learning.

    Secondly, I love this new look of your blog. It’s amazing with the pictures and all.
    Third, I’m glad we met this year Bolaji and if there’s one thing I’m grateful for, it’s a cautionary spiritual advice you gave me this year and others. You’re one of the friends that I know that even if we’ve not talked for weeks or maybe years, one hi from you will lead to loads and loads of conversations like we were never apart. You glow and keep glowing. You’re amazing and you’re beautiful inside and out.
    LOve you BJ!

    Okay and last of all, I’m glad about your GEMgirl stuff. Glad it worked out, glad for the courage breakthrough and all of it. I pray you keep waxing stronger and doing great exploits.

    Much love dear. xo!

    • Ahh! Ok, it wiped. Lol. Ma binu. People complain about commenting sometimes. So sorry!

      Aww, Itunu. Thanks so much. Funny how I’d been meaning to check on you o cuz it’s been a while. Then I saw your comment and smiled! We’re in sync. Lol.

      Girl, I miss you! Like I mizzzz you. Lol. I’m glad we can always catch up when we talk. That’s the beauty of true friendship. Muah!

      And about the post being crazy. Haha. I hear we all have a little crazy in us o. Lol. Glad you enjoyed and thanks for all your kind thoughts!

      Love you!

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