12 weird things about me.

12 weird things about me.

Good Wednesday Morning everyone!

Happy New month! God has kept us even to the last half of the year. He’s awesome!

I wanted to put up a post about the things that happened ‘behind the scenes’ of my sister’s wedding, but I’d have to do that next week.
I read a post by Ofili about 5 weird things about him. It was funny, and I enjoyed reading it. So, I decided to do something like that today.
Copycat? No.
Inspiration? Yes.

Anyway, here are 12 weird or not so weird things about me. It’s quite different from the 26 facts about me though.

1. I cry too seriously for movies.
Ofili said he watches movies alone because He’s an introvert. Well, I’m not an introvert, but I also like to watch movies alone. This is so I can cry as comfortably as I want when something painful happens to a character I’ve come to like, without any interference or weird looks. And don’t tell me they’re just acting, I already know! But my tear glands don’t quite get it yet.

2. I can’t whistle.
I’ve tried and tried. Some of my secondary school friends even tried to teach me, like that’s even possible. I was also told that whistling is hereditary. Lol. Then my parents are to blame. 

3. I don’t use powder.
I don’t own any type of powder, whether white or brown. It just somewhat makes me uncomfortable, especially when I sweat and then have to clean my face. I’ve probably used powder 5 times this year.

4. I can’t write on paper anymore.
Well, I still write in my journal and my school notes if I don’t want trouble. But, I can’t get myself to write articles or posts on paper anymore o. When my laptop had issues, I found it really hard to adjust. Now, I just use my phone to write, edit, etc. I think it’s much more efficient too.

5. I play music to do everything!
Except I’m charging my phone or its off. I’m not even kidding! I play music while sweeping, cleaning, washing, bathing, ironing, cooking etc! I’m sure my dad wonders if I think I’m Celine Dion or something.

6. Ac in cars make me puke.
You see, I’m fine with Windows down and fresh air in. But, once the Windows are up and AC on, then we have a problem. I almost immediately feel like vomiting. My friend checked on it one time and it’s actually a condition. Condition ko.  Though, I have to be quiet if it’s free ride, plus I almost always forget to keep mint sweets in my bag or I lick everything before I really need it.

It's not weird that I cut my hair once it starts growing, is it?

7. I don’t like blue pen.
There was a time you’d actually not see me use blue pen at all, but I’m trying to adjust.
I love black pen. It’s just classy. Lol 
8. I can’t stand it when people throw things on the floor.    
As I walked down the stairs at work and picked a sweet wrapper, I actually said out loud “pig!” And I didn’t even know who dropped it there.
I later told myself that it seems I’m being over zealous about this no dirt on the floor matter o, to the extent that I now abuse people I don’t even know. Lol

9. Black is my best nail polish. As black pen is classy, I think black nail polish
on my toes are too. Never tried on my fingers but I think I’d like it, but I bite my nails. Hope that’s not weird?
My friend saw my hands at the wedding and said she thought I would have been delivered by now. Lol.

10. I can’t sleep in complete darkness. I just can’t. There has to be a touch or window light on. Except I’m sleeping by someone (mum/sister) sha.

11. I don’t drink water.
Ofili said he drinks water a lot, well I need that zeal. I could go a whole day and not remember that I’ve not drank water. The water I drink in a week probably amounts to the one Ofili takes in a day.
Yh, that’s how bad it is.
And I tried o. I tried to take at least a cup of water every morning one time, but it felt like a punishment.

12.. I say ‘God bless you’ to God. This one is funny. I think I still said it yesterday. Before, it just used to come out of my mouth. But now when words fail me I just say ‘God bless you God, God bless you!  Don’t attack me biko. I think He likes it and I feel Him smile when I say it.

That’s it people!

I hope I’m not too weird though? Do we share some awesomeness weirdness? Let me know! I enjoyed putting this together. Ehm, and thanks Ofili (just incase he reads it) for this idea. Lol 

Have a great month ahead everyone!
Guess who’s birthday it is this month?!😁

Anyway, remember to share, subscribe and comment!

Love, Mobolaji.


  • Lol, your such a funny person.
    I think we are sisters when it comes to drinking water. I jist don’t like it!!! I pee almost every ten minutes. Can’t deal jare!!

    Interesting things about you, I think i should copycat too*winks* Abi inspire..

  • Chukwuma

    Weird things ba? Hmm interesting!

    Like me i still tell God, God bless you. Dunno but its becoming habitual, i talk to God like a close buddy. Like when am praying, you’ll think i’m just jisting with a really close buddy. But not when am speaking to a devil or demon. I told one of my brothers, ‘satan no dey hear word, e bi like say em ear deaf. So we go need to shout’.

    Moreso, i can’t watch a movie with you, you’ll make me ‘extra’ nervous, but like you i love watching movies alone.

    Weird things it is!
    Happy new month!

    P.s. You are b.e.a.utiful!

    • Lol!! Chukwuma o! I saw your comment as I walked out of church and I was just laughing.
      It’s absolutely good to talk to God like a buddy o!
      Lol @ Satan deaf!
      Watching movies alone is the best o. No disturbance at all. I can cry wella. Lol.

      Thanks dear! I appreciate you.

  • Mrs Fasuyi

    Well I guess we are weird sisters…..winks…..I have tried and I mean really tried to learn how to whistle but I just don’t get it. Maybe it really is hereditary and mum&dad are to blame. Plus the water drinking part….chai….I don’t think I drink up to 1 litre of water per day. My husband (that sounds great….blushing) is trying his best to make sure I drink enough water….hope he succeeds.
    The ac = puke part, unlike you, I never forget to buy a mint sweet/chewing gum to avoid stories that touch. Enough. This should be a comment not another story.
    God bless you dear!!!

  • No 4 is just so me I prefer typing on devices, I think it so efficient. During my final year,I practically did all my research with my phone. When people where running helter skelter I would be watching movies lol. Movies that’s another story entirely I can cry for Africa.

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