Writing for sales is a skill and anyone can learn it...

Hi, I'm Mo. 

I teach young professionals how to apply for, get and keep dream jobs. copywriting and email marketing to entrepreneurs and people with purpose-driven brands so that they can start and scale a profitable online business.

Learn how to use words to lead, connect and convert strangers to loyal customers. 

Best part? You can begin to see results in your business in as little as one month! 

Where do you start?

With the mindset that everything you write in your business matters. From your social media captions, sales pages, ads, newsletters...

You get to choose the impact your words will have on your audience.

Hey Mo!

I sent a review earlier, after I joined the writing and content creation class but this is another review. After the class I wasn't feeling well, so I had to take a break but since I started putting what you taught into action, I've been getting really great results.

I'm able to create better content and I get feedback after every post on my blog, it's been amazing and my writing skills are so much better.

I'm glad I took the class, thank you for putting out such great content.

Tosin Sanusi

Entrepreneur & Blogger

I am committed to sharing strategies and tools that will help you connect deeper with your audience with words.

Forget perfection, focus on progress.

What Students & Clients Say


Thanks Mo for your classes. I am writing more than before. Video ads, scripts, Ads copy, landing pages and will even be doing newsletters soon. 

And the person I am working for is so happy with my work. He called last weekend just to say thank you for the work I put in.


WCC Student


Here in South Africa, I can't think of any people that are doing what you are doing. There's a lot of people that are speaking about content creating. They've got podcasts but there's no one teaching it so practically - like content writing! 

WCC Student


Thank you, Bolaji.
I learnt so much and the great thing is, I even learnt some things I intend to apply to other aspects of my life/career apart from writing.
This was a head reset of some sort and I love it. I'm definitely more inspired to boldly pursue some big goals.

Oyinkan A
WCC Student


I got to know Mobolaji from one her articles published on Bella Naija. Reading through the article, I could literally sense her presence as her writing was so alive. I needed a content writer for one of my projects and we worked together. She is professional and makes it easy to tell your story. She is witty and has a way with words...she is so fluid, almost like she is in my head. Her editing skills is top notch and she is committed to your project. Mobolaji is passionate about her art and keeps to her deadlines. Needless to say that I have found my clyde... I dream it and verbalize it, Mobolaji writes it and interprets it. Thank you so much for supporting us with your skill. I wish I didn't have to share you... I'll recommend you over and over again.

Tolulope Falola 

Energy Specialist & Client


Mobolaji has been a part of most of my book birthing process and practically has edited most of my books including the best-selling book "Prayers For Your Future Husband".

She is so good and totally "gets me". I almost wept one time when she couldn't squeeze out the time to edit and work on a book I was working on - she is that good.

Her editing is fluid and leaves your work excellent but still reflecting your voice. As a content creator, her works and stories merged with your ideas on what you want to achieve is sure to gather in your "tribe".

Need editing for your work? Need a content creator?
Call on Mo and thank me later.

Hephzibah Frances

Author & Client


Thank you so much for the class today Mo!

I’ve already set up a blog after the class today, you have definitely spurred me on to take active steps towards a writing goal.
I must also commend you for your customer service in the Twitter DM. The structure of your message and your courtesy was what really stood your course out from the others I have seen this period.
I like how you broke down the writing process for us and scattered mindset ‘strongholds’ 😂. I was able to identify the kind of writing niches that I’ll like to focus on and I even had article ideas whilst on the call.
You’re definitely going places!

Titi O
WCC Student


I had the most impactful 3 hours of my quarantine this morning learning and taking in all I could from Mobolaji's Writing/Content Creation Workshop.
To think I haven't put down my note since the class ended.
She shared a storm and I can't wait to implement.
Thank you again, Mo!


WCC Student


Thank you Mo.
I joined this training because I wanted to learn how to earn better as a writer and gosh, I got massive value for the amount I paid.
In fact , 7 figure monthly income, here I come.
I also love how you taught from experiential knowledge. The simplicity with which you broke down every part of the training was also dope.
I can't wait to put all that I learned to work.
Thank You once again.

Favour Ajayi
WCC Student


Hello Mo!
The class was absolutely worth it.
I was a bit worried you might not talk about the part I needed help most but you did and I learnt a lot. I am ready to put everything into action. Thank you so much!
To think I signed up at the last minute. It was worth it!

Tosin Sanusi
WCC Student


I must have been in the Spirit when I wrote a post to promote this workshop on LinkedIn and WhatsApp that you give raw, real and relevant value.
I wasn't disappointed at all.
In fact, I think you might have some balance to collect from me.
Thank you so much for teaching from your heart and giving us much more than we paid for. You rock, Mo!


WCC Student


It was value all the way.
You imparted with passion. It's not about the money.
The knowledge gained was worth more.
I particularly gleaned from the writing types and I actually found my niche.

WCC Student


I am so grateful I attended the class.
I just took time out to go through one of the recommended influencers you spoke about and the man has helped reshape my thinking.
I wouldn't have known him without attending your class. You dished out more than value, Mobolaji.
Thank you for all that you do!

WCC Student

Wow! I really had a wonderful time. I got more value than the price of the course. It was so impactful.


WCC Student

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