Hey hey hey!

I didn’t plan to find this song but I’m glad I did! William McDowell has remained one of my favorite music ministers and when I saw this song on YouTube and listened to it, I knew I had found treasure!

The lyrics…

I wonder how I didn’t hear it sooner but I soon realized that God wanted me to hear it now; because it reflects my phase right now.

As I meditated on the lyrics, I asked what it meant for someone to bow on their knees. It means total surrender, reference for a higher power and acknowledgement of authority and Lordship.

So, indeed, as the words say, I see clearly only when my life is truly falling on its knees and bowing down to Jesus.


Here are the words:


Falling on my knee
I bow
Bow down
Some things
Something’s I can’t see until
I bow
There are somethings
Until I bow
I can see clearly now
Here on my knees
I understand better
Here on my knees


Go now and listen to it, I bet, it will soon be on repeat!

God bless.

Love and light,




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