Is the wisdom in Proverbs the same as the wisdom in Ecclesiastics?

Hello friend! It’s the last day of the year and I’ve spent time reflecting on how my year went.  

Here’s what to do when you fall out of love.

Hey hey hey! Haha, it felt so great writing that. If you’re new to the efamily here; ‘hey hey hey’ is like our cult-chant. Ok, not a cult, but you know ‘warramin’. After work yesterday, I thought about marriage as […]

Song & Book Recommendations

Hey hey hey! I can’t believe I’m doing this. I doubt I’ve written in this segment of the blog in the past 6 months.  

What My Niece Has Taught Me About God.

Hey hey hey. Everything about my niece amazes me; and I’m not even her mum! I can stare at her pictures or watch her videos all day. She can basically do no wrong in my eyes.  

Lost in Lust

Hey hey hey! (May I be more consistent with sharing my day to day faith walk with you all in Jesus name, Amen!) Can I just begin by giving a shout out to God! He’s so amazing that it’s impossible […]

I Used to Steal My Mum’s Money (#MyLifeBeforeTheCross)

Hey hey hey! I needed to share about #MyLifeBeforeTheCross today (my testimony of Jesus) because Word on The Streets (@wotsgospel) is celebrating 3 years.  


Hey hey hey! (Note to self: Write immediately I get to work, if not, I might be too occupied to do so later). I woke early today and first went to brush my teeth because I couldn’t stand my own […]