Song recommendation: ‘You are God’ by Nathaniel Bassey.

Hey hey hey! I don’t know if you guys can tell when a song is written from a place of deep worship. Most times, these are songs with the simplest lyrics that leave you in awe of God. Just like […]

Song recommendation: Ever be.

Hey hey hey. I know last Fridays are for writers connect and we didn’t have it last month and wouldn’t this month too. This is the last post for the year and nothing fits my testimony than this amazing song […]

App recommendation: YouVersion.

Hey hey hey I know most people would have heard or even have the YouVersion Bible app on their phones, but I just discovered a fantastic side of it that I have to share.  

Song recommendation: Pastor Chingtok’s ‘Lion and the Lamb’.

Hey hey hey Pastor Chingtok is someone you can tell, even from afar that he spends much time in the presence of God. I’ve been under his ministration once and knew that there are Ministers/Worship leaders and then there are […]

Scripture recommendation: The book of Proverbs.

Hey hey hey! How are you? I am super, thanks for asking. Anyway, the Bible is such a book of power. Not just that, it also contains all you’d need in life. It has revelation for your spiritual life, relationship […]

Song recommendation: Hillsong’s ‘I surrender’.

Hey hey hey! I don’t know how old or recent this song is but I knew the lyrics, though I didn’t have it for a while. I don’t even know where or when I first heard the song but I […]

Message recommendation: Steven Furtick’s Marry or Burn!

Hey hey hey! I don’t think I have heard the ‘no sex before marriage’ like this before. My roommate said TD Jakes is her best preacher and just when I was about to say ‘I don’t think I have one…”, […]