The Word – Busy.

Hey Hey Hey.   How was your weekend? If you got a mail on Friday telling you there’s new content on the blog, I’m sorry. It didn’t come out the way I wanted it to. I’ve been trying to get […]

The Word – Boaz.

Hey hey hey!   Happy new week efamily. It feels good connecting with you again and I can truly say that I missed you. Today’s topic is one I’m interested in because I’ve found myself in few ‘arguments’ concerning Boaz. […]

The Word – Slavery.

Hey hey hey!   These are the days…the days where blogging seems hard and questions like “Who sent me?” start coming up. After writing a post, something I don’t even understand happens and the post deletes… Just like that. I […]

The Word – Unqualified.

Hey hey hey! I had already started writing a post, but knew in my heart that it wasn’t for today. So when I woke and read about Gideon, I knew that was the jackpot! Gideon was unqualified. I am unqualified. […]

The Word – Jordan.

Hey hey hey   Hope the weekend was great for you? Mine was filled with quality activities and lessons. My Boss is currently in Ghana, so she came to have a clarity session with the GEMGirl team. It indeed was […]

The Word- Guilt.

Hey hey hey.   I hope the weekend was splendid for you? My 8pm alarm rang as I worked on my phone, and I put it off. This alarm rings every single day as a reminder for my evening time […]

The Word- Intercede.

Hey hey hey!   Happy new month of May. Ijo ope re daaa? (Where is you dance of praise?) I honesty did not plan on this topic today. In fact, I had already written half of the one I thought […]