BWB: Lessons from my mentors- Funto Ibuoye.

Hey hey hey! Happy new month my efamily. The love grows for you daily! Blossom with Bolaji (BWB in June) will be posts on lessons I’ve learned from my mentors. I’m starting with a beautiful lady called Funto!  

BWB: Grace vs Hustle.

Hey hey hey! Have you heard the price of tomato in Nigeria? Do people even still make stew? Petrol nko? It has become like gold, but do people still buy? I think they do. Yesterday was one of those days… […]

5 lessons learned from my level 300 in school.

Hey hey hey! I’ve grown so much this past academic year and learned lessons. Here are 5 that I can remember. (Apparently, there are 6 lessons here. I numbered wrongly at first, but let’s just keep the title. Thank you.) […]

BWB: Praise that matters.

Hey hey hey!   You like to receive praise from one another, but you do not try to win praise from the one who alone is God; how, then, can you believe me? John 5:44 GNB Let me burst into […]


Hey hey hey! I started doing something. Something my friends in Secondary School would have laughed at me for. They would have said it’s so weird and seems ‘hungry’ to do such. Big girls don’t need to like their own […]

BWB: You are more beautiful than you think.

Hey hey hey! Our exams were postponed by one week o, but we give God glory still. This month on Blossom with Bolaji, we’d be having some Girl-Talk, focusing on some issues I and others face as women. Maybe we’d […]

BWB: You are enough.

Hey hey hey!   You did not find God, God found you. We did not find God, God found us. Somehow we begin to believe that our works matter. That God loves us as long as we’re good! But think […]