As it can be: What Laymah Gbowee did during Liberia’s civil war.

Hey hey hey! In Chicken Soup for the Soul, the 10th edition, I saw this quote I put up in my room: …But one idea by one person with the right people buying into it, can have dramatic and magical […]

As it can be: what leap africa is doing.

Hey hey hey! If you’re new here, welcome! Wednesdays are for social talks and to showcase how people and organizations are doing great things to make Nigeria and Africa better. Today’s spotlight is on LEAP AFRICA, an organization started by […]

As it can be: What makes you angry?

Hey hey hey! Good day beautiful people of God. I’m back….lol. I’m wondering where I went. Can we just begin from the end? WHAT MAKES YOU ANGRY? I remember how mad I was about homeless people in Ghana. Everyday, I […]

As it can be: Where does change start?

Hey hey hey!   Good day everyone. Hope the week has been great? I have to admit I’ve been a bit lazy this week, but I’m asking for grace to do better. Finally finished reading my first book for the […]

As it can be: What Slum2School is doing.

Hey hey hey! If you remember what I shared in this post, you’d know that Wednesdays focus on social issues/ change / development and what people like you and I are doing about it. I knew about Slum2School first on […]

They called us ‘Leaders of Tomorrow.’ Tomorrow has come

Hey hey hey I don’t know about you but I remember how they used to drum today’s title in our ears in Primary School. ‘You’re leaders of tomorrow.’ I remember this song we sang whenever we marched to our classrooms. […]

I pledge to Nigeria my Country, but does she pledge to me?

Hey Hey Hey! I pledge to Nigeria my country To be faithful, loyal and honest. To serve Nigeria with all my strength To defend her Unity And uphold her honour and glory So help me God, Amen. Hope you’ve not […]