What Happens Whenever We Tell Someone About Jesus?

When we tell someone about Jesus, we plant a seed. I finished reading ‘One thing you can’t do in heaven’ by Mark Cahill yesterday. I’ve been off social media most of this year and I am glad about that because […]

Courage To Speak With A Man With Cancer

Yesterday (and today), I spoke with a man (Mr. D) at Lekki gate who has a cancerous eye. I’ve been meaning to speak with him for a while, but usually just dropped money in his bag and walk away. I’ve […]

We Are Evangelists.

At the beginning of the year, while praying about certain things for the year 2018, God shared a phrase with me and it’s only now that I’m seeing that that’s probably supposed to be my mantra for the year (and […]

Is God Glorified In My Menstrual Pain?

Hello friend. Each month, I kind of dread the cycle. I understand the complexity of it (not really, as I am not a doctor), but it also is a testament of the creativity and supremacy of God. Women were specially […]

I Spoke With A Stranger In The Bus

Hello Friend. I spoke with a stranger in the bus today. Actually, I’ve been meaning to speak with her for a while. No, I’m not a stalker; but I had entered the same bus from Lekki Gate with this lady […]

Can We Gossip Just A Little Bit?

Hello friend! I read a post on desirnggod.org few weeks ago and it has stayed with me since (I really need to resurrect the recommendation segment of the blog to share articles and songs that have blessed me!) The post […]

Happy New Jesus Year!

Hello friend, Happy New Year! I know I know, it’s 7 days already! How can I just be wishing you Happy New Year now; but we’re just 7 days in.